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URSA Baby Pro 25W Rock Solid Mod Kit Review

Truth be told, my usual go-to Vape Mods tend to deliver more than 100W, sport a large Sub-Ohm tank filled with heavy-VG vape juice delivering massive clouds. (I’ve been a fan of Lost Vape’s larger mods for years now. Check out this review of the Mirage, and Centaurus, both DNA250W mods!) When I was given the Lost Vape URSA Baby […]

Ursa Nano S by Lost Vape

Review by Jen_Turista Lost Vape Ursa Nano S Kit Review – A Colourful Ursa! It might be 2023 already but pod kits still dominate the market of open vaping systems. What I’ve noticed, though, is that super simple open pod systems are getting released, often marketed as a “step-up” from disposable vape kits. This is […]

Ursa Nano Art by Lost Vape

A simple pod kit review today and this is the Ursa Nano Art by Lost Vape. Lost Vape has become a very well-known brand over the last few years releasing some great devices including the Thelema and Cyborg Quest. To check out their range of devices, head over to the Lost Vape website. For today’s review, Lost Vape go […]

Lostvape Thelema Mini Kit Review

From: https://www.vapersgarage.com/lostvape-thelema-mini-kit-review/ Hey folks, today I’m going to show you something that I’m actually quite impressed with.If you’ve ever been in the situation where you’d love a small out and about device, without it weighing down your pocket, but still want to have a full, dense vape, similar to what you might get on your […]

Lost Vape Centaurus M200 Review

 November 18, 2022 by Vapesourcing Team. Lost Vape always used its premium production – DNA chipsets, for some years and has developed simplified electronics called “Quest” to offer the same devices at a lower price. Centaurus M200 innovates the way you look at mods. Minimalism x Maximum x Mechanism! The mod is feather-light weighing 150+g in aircraft-grade […]

Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pro Preview – Nano Goes Pro!

By  Michelle – September 2, 2022 The Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pro is an update to the Ursa Nano kit. Lost Vape originally made a name for themselves with high end DNA devices, but have become more affordable with quality pod kits over time. What Is New For The Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pro? This version […]

centaurus 80w

Centaurus Q80 Pod Mod Review: Comes With 80W and 18650 Battery

BY TALI_BSHAHCOUPONS, DEALS, E-CIGAR, MORE, NEWS Centaurus  Q80 Pod Mod can show you its flexibility and one of a kind allure from its exhilarating fixed squonk and limit plan. Design The arrangement is negligible. In like manner, It goes with We utilize a degree of phenomenal authentic calfskins and join the immaculate course of action, popular nuances and work with the […]

Lostvape Centaurus Q200 Kit Review: Comes With Huge Battery Of 18650 mah

BY TALI_BSHAHDEALS, E-CIGAR, NEWS With the classy looking plans, a lot of built quality, and the usage of the most notable develop DNA 250C chipset which is an extraordinary chipset and a neighborhood top decision.  Lostvape Centaurus Q200 Kit  is another best product. lets review it Design The plan is minimal. Likewise, It accompanies We use an extent of extraordinary […]

THELEMA SOLO DNA 100 MOD Review, Price, Features, Design

BY FORTUNE OSINACHIACCESSORIES, DEALS, E-CIGAR, NEWS Despite the low price tag of the Thelema Solo DNA 100 Mod, the vaping pod comes with features that fit different usage scenarios. In terms of design, the Thelema Solo comes in different snazzy colors with a natural genuine leather combination. So far, most buyers prefer the oyster-white kingsnake leather-designed pod option as it is […]

ursa baby

The Best Vaping Companion – URSA BABY Pod Kit Review

BY FORTUNE OSINACHIACCESSORIES, DEALS, NEWS Since URSA released the BABY Pod kit, it has been one of the preferred vape devices on the market today. A large percentage of vaping enthusiasts would appreciate the portable design of this pod. Although, you still need to know the features and specs of the URSA BABY Pod aside from its attractive outward […]

Best Vape Mod on Vapingpost – Thelema DNA 250C

Best Box Mod on Vapingpost “The Best Of” – First Place: Lost Vape Thelema DNA 250C “With the Thelema DNA250C, everything is done to enjoy using one of the best chipsets on the market. The finishes are exemplary and the look neat. All these points make the Thelema DNA250C a box that we can only recommend. Thanks […]

Lost Vape Thelema Quest 200W Kit Review

Lost Vape Thelema Quest 200W Kit Review Discussion in ‘Standard E-Cigarette Reviews‘ started by Frenkyou, Aug 22, 2021. Lost Vape THELEMA QUEST 200W Kit Hello today I would like to tell you about the new kit that Lost Vape sent me for review. Enjoy the reading Lost Vape THELEMA QUEST 200W Kit; Packaging: The cardboard box with white / black colors seems […]

Lost Vape Ursa Mini Pod Kit Review: A Great All-Around Pod Vape

Lost Vape Ursa Mini by  Robert B.  July 27, 2021, versedvaper      9 Design10.0 Build Quality10.0 Pod & Coils9.0 Performance9.0 Flavor9.0 Battery & Charging7.0 PROS Can be used for MTL or DL Nice airflow adjustment range Really good flavor from most of the coils Compact and pretty light Pod magnets are strong Nice design Good build quality […]

Lost Vape UB Lite Pod Kit Review

Lost Vape UB Lite Pod Kit I can anticipate that Lost Vape UB Lite Pod Kit in MTL mode really surprised me! In this last period we have been invaded by an infinity of useless Pod systems, most of these devices do not have intelligent control functions and cannot satisfy users at the level of […]

Lost Vape GRUS v2 + UB Pro Pod Tank

Lost Vape GRUS v2 + UB Pro Pod Tank started by Frenkyou, Mar 1, 2021. Lost Vape after the successful sales of the Mod Grus 100W first version, releases an update called GRUS v2, this evolution uses a Chipset 2.0 “Quest” much richer than the previous one and completely different in menu navigation and settings. GRUS v2 […]

Lost Vape Ursa Quest Multi Kit 100W Review

Discussion in ‘Standard E-Cigarette Reviews‘ started by Frenkyou, Dec 10, 2020. Lost Vape URSA Quest multi Kit 100W Lost Vape after the successful sales of the Mod Grus 100W, releases a new and valuable “universal” model (18650-20700-21700) called Ursa. The latest addition to Lost Vape uses a new and very complete proprietary Quest chipset equipped with POWER, […]

Lost Vape Grus Review – A Diamond In the Grus?

Lost Vape Grus Review – A Diamond In the Grus? A very smart looking single battery 100w mod so is this one for the vaping gurus? By FlatCap Vaper  – October 21, 2020 The Lost Vape Grus review, and is it a bird a plane or a super sexy vape device? It turns out a Grus is […]

Lost Vape Thelema Pod Mod Review: Is It Worth Getting?

Lost Vape Thelema Pod Mod Review: Is It Worth Getting?  Daniel M. October 12, 2020 PROS Simple to operate Exceptional build quality Looks great Great internal battery capacity Nice range of coils spanning different vaping styles CONS Difficult to see liquid level in the pod through the little window cutout Lost Vape are known for their […]

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod Kit 80W Review

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod Kit 80W Discussion in ‘Standard E-Cigarette Reviews’ started by Frenkyou, Aug 15, 2020. The prestigious Lost vape company after a transitory period returns to the Mods. With the release of the Centaurus DNA250C the new course has officially begun, several interesting innovations are expected soon. What we will talk about today is a true 2 in […]

Lost Vape BTB 100W Starter Kit Review

Lost Vape BTB 100W Starter Kit Discussion in ‘Standard E-Cigarette Reviews’ started by Frenkyou, Aug 17, 2020. Recently Lost Vape decided to go back to “Back To Basic” (BTB) origins. It all started with the powerful and prestigious Centaurus DNA250C dual battery Mod. Lost Vape is a much admired brand with many fan’s all over the world, […]

Lost Vape Centaurus DNA 250C Review: Legendary Reborn

Lost Vape Centaurus DNA 250C Review: Legendary Reborn?      Adam A.   May 14, 2020 In 2019 Lost Vape released a host pod vapes including the Lyra, the Prana, and the Orion Plus. They all turned out to be great devices, especially the Orion Plus with its Evolv DNA GO chipset. But 2019 came and went and what I and many […]



LOST VAPE ORION Q-ULTRA 40W POD SYSTEM REVIEW by ADAM FURYJANUARY 30, 2020 Quality The Lost Vape Orion Q-ULTRA 40W Pod System is the latest AIO device released in 2020 from the hugely popular Quest line. This new model introduces some welcomed hardware changes that include a much larger battery, double the power output, and up to […]

Lost Vape Q Pro Pod Kit Review – On A Quest For the Perfect Pod Mod!

Lost Vape Q Pro Pod Kit Review – On A Quest For the Perfect Pod Mod! Sexy New Stabwood Panels and Five Power Levels Is This the Pod Mod To Rule Them All? By Neil Humber November 20, 2019 The Lost Vape Q Pro is the latest in the extremely popular Orion pod mod series. The […]

Lost Vape Orion DNA Plus Review

Lost Vape Orion DNA Plus Review – Have They Improved An Already Awesome Pod Kit ? Replaceable Coils – An Upgrade to the DNA Go Chip – 5 Power Levels and 15 Stunning Designs By Neil Humber  -August 31, 2019 The Lost Vape Orion Plus pod kit is an upgrade to the hugely popular – and […]

Best Guide for the Lost Vape Orion DNA GO AIO

Lost Vape is a reliable brand that has been releasing different vapes since 2014 that customers have loved. Recently with the wide popularization of pod systems, the Lost Vape Orion was released during 2018, with features, making it a unique and revolutionary vape within the Pod system family, which has innovative features unlike other pod […]

Lost Vape Orion DNA Go vs. Lost Vape Orion Q

Lost Vape Orion DNA Go vs. Lost Vape Orion Q Intro Lost Vape’s first pod mod took the market by storm with its high-end design and excellent DNA Go chipset by Evolv. It had many admirers, including the whole Vaping Vibe team. Yet it was still quite a divisive device with many stating the hype […]

Lost Vape Orion Q Review | Half the Price of the GO

Product intro and specs The Orion GO was arguably the most important pod vape of last year. Now in 2019, Lost Vape has released the second edition, the Orion Quest (Q). It’s a paired down version of the original Orion Go for a little less than half the price, but without the most unique electronic features of […]

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