Lost Vape Centaurus M200 Review

 November 18, 2022 by Vapesourcing Team.

Lost Vape always used its premium production – DNA chipsets, for some years and has developed simplified electronics called “Quest” to offer the same devices at a lower price.

Centaurus M200 innovates the way you look at mods. Minimalism x Maximum x Mechanism!

The mod is feather-light weighing 150+g in aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. without compromising on hand feel and durability.

Centaurus M200 provides 5 colors and 2 limited editions: Golden Knight, Galaxy Black, Pink Planet, Midnight Blue, Gunmetal Gray, Splatoon (Honor to Sell 8888 sets), and Dying Light (Honor to Sell 8888 sets).

Design and Build Quality

Centaurus M200 has a classic and simple design, but the thing that immediately catches the eye is that the usual 3 adjustment buttons are not present, but instead, there is an adjustable knob or “potentiometer” with a triple integrated function of key lock, led and power regulation. The switching on and off of the Mod are instead delegated to a quick sliding key.

The two side panels of the M200 are removable by inserting a fingernail in the appropriate holes found on the bottom of the Mod, Lost Vape announces that a wide range of colored panels will be available to customize your Centaurus.

On the front of the mod, you can see the 3-in-1 Jog Dial interface at the top which is composed of a knurled bezel, the bezel is 360 ° rotatable and the potentiometer function allows you to increase the power by turning clockwise, and decrease the power by turning counterclockwise. The other options include vaping by pressing the button and monitoring the charge level of the cells through the 5 different colors that the LED can take.

As you may have guessed this is a “Mod sample” and there are some limitations; on the production models, there will be two different modes which are Normal Mode and RDA DIY mode, and the function to be able to lock the power adjustment by 3 clicking the button.

On the bright display, there are the classic indicators of the battery level, then there is all the useful information such as; selected power, coil resistance, puff counter, and duration of the last puff. Above the USB-C charging port there is the On / Off sliding button which has been adopted on many Mods, and Lost Vape has also decided to insert it, this quick button can be convenient but I don’t think it is necessary, personally, I still prefer the classic lock / unlock setting.

The steel plate with 510 connection is slightly raised to avoid scratches when “handling” the atomizers on it, it is also screwed onto the top of the mod in a central position, the pin is gold plated and is spring loaded. Centaurus M200 can accommodate tanks up to 26mm without protrusions.


l Refined constructive care

l Replaceable panel design

l Lightweight

l 3-in-1 Jog Dial adjustment system

l On / Off quick sliding key

l rda Diy Mode + Normal Mode


Final Review Verdict

The quality of an important brand like Lost Vape is measured starting from the Packaging and which is really beautiful, the Mod like all the devices of this company has excellent finishes, and sturdy materials have been used for its construction.

The 3-in-1 Jog Dial system replaces the classic adjustment buttons and in my opinion, it integrates perfectly into the classic and minimalist design of this Mod. In addition, the 3-in-1 Jog Dial allows the user to use a maximum of two fingers for any setting operation. The simple soul of the Centaurus M200 provides the only VW mode. The Chipset Quest 2.0 (simplified) manages the residual charge of the cells really well, provides stable and precise indications, and delivers power well. So if you are looking for an attractive, powerful dual Battery Mod with a very good control system, Centaurus M200 could be well for you.