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URSA Baby Pro 25W Rock Solid Mod Kit Review

URSA Baby Pro 25W Rock Solid Mod Kit Review

Truth be told, my usual go-to Vape Mods tend to deliver more than 100W, sport a large Sub-Ohm tank filled with heavy-VG vape juice delivering massive clouds.

(I’ve been a fan of Lost Vape’s larger mods for years now. Check out this review of the Mirage, and Centaurus, both DNA250W mods!)

When I was given the Lost Vape URSA Baby Pro, I wasn’t expecting a device this small to produce assume flavor, big clouds, and a superb vape experience, but it did. The URSA Baby Pro just became a favorite walk-around vape mods.

Before I get into my personal experience with the URSA Baby Pro, let’s get a look at the Specs & Features of this most aesthetically pleasing mod.

Lost Vape URSA Baby Pro Pod System Features:

  • Dimensions: 71.6mm by 46.5mm by 15.2mm
  • Battery Capacity: 900mAh
    • Wattage Range: 5-25W
    • Voltage Range: 3.2-4.2V
    • Resistance Range: 0.5-2.0ohm
    • Chassis Material: Zinc-Alloy
    • Charging: Type-C Port
    • Operation: Dual Activation – Draw & Button
    • Pod Series: URSA Pods (Empty or Integrated Coil)
    • Fill System: Side Fill System
    • Pod Material: PCTG
    • Pod Capacity: 2.5mL
    • Pod Connection: Magnetic
    • Coil Installation: Press Fit
    • Coil Support: UB Mini Coils
    • Compatible with Integrated Coil URSA Pods

URSA Baby Pro Kit Includes:

• 1x URSA Baby Pro
• 1x 0.6ohm URSA Cartridge
• 1x 0.8ohm UB Mini S1 Coils
• 1x URSA Empty Cartridge
• 1x Type-C Cable
• 1x Lanyard
• 1x User Manual
• 1x Warranty Card

URSA Baby Pro 25W Rock Solid Mod Kit ReviewThe Lost Vape URSA Baby Pro Pod System’s 900mAh battery with a 5-25W output range is exceptionally engineered to deliver a vape experience for newbies to decade’s long Vapers like myself. While some can certainly use 30mg or 50mg Nic-Salt vape juice, this amazing little mod utilizing freebase, 70/30 VG/PG freebase vape juice even better.

If you are an MTL vaper, or Mouth-to-Lung, or a DL vaper, Direct Lung, the URSA Baby Pro is that inexpensive, yet delicious mod you’ll probably buy in several colors and designs. It offers adjustable airflow as well, plus a slew of safety features like the big boys.

Integrated Pod or Replaceable Coils

The URSA Baby Pro uses the UB Mini Coils (yes, replaceable coils). It is constructed using a durable zinc-alloy, and the chassis of the URSA Baby Pro is designed to protect of the integrated electronics, including its 900mAh battery.

If you decide to use a high nicotine nic-salt vape juice or a 70% VG juice, the 5-25W output range makes either one ideal.

Yes, the URSA Baby Pro is compatible with the UB Mini Coils Series, but it can also utilize the integrated-coil URSA Pods.

URSA Baby Pro OLED Screen

The device is equipped with a 0.42″ OLED Display screen as well, so adjustments can be made and seen easily.  The user can view immediately all the information in a clear, sharp screen.

URSA Baby Pro 25W Rock Solid Mod Kit Review

Capacity of the URSA Baby Pro Pods

The lower the Ohm’s of the coil, the higher the wattage (or voltage) you’ll need to get the optimum vape. That said, using the .06-ohm cartridge or the 0.8-ohm coil, you’re vaping in a sub-ohm environment.  Here in the US, I have access to the 2.5mL version, in the UK my best friend has the 2mL version. As a travel vape it’s more than fine.

If you are a nic-salt user that 2.5/2mL capacity is going to plenty, and if you are a light user the capacity of the tank won’t work against you. I’m stating this because most of you know I use larger mods, larger tanks, and vape upward of 25mL of freebase 3mg nicotine vape juice every day. Know your own vape desires before buying any new device.

URSA Baby Pro Review Conclusion

Like all the new vape devices coming to market, the URSA Baby Pro uses a USB-C port and cable (included) for a wicked fast recharge. For someone who has been used to large clouds of delicious vapor the URSA will surprise you, in a good way.

My go-to Sub-Ohm tanks have a capacity range of 6mL to 9mL, so the limited 2.5mL (2mL for the TPD version) I’m filling up the tank twice as much, but I got to tell you, when I go out shopping, or just a drive, or to a meeting somewhere, that 2.5mL last plenty. No more lugging around a huge vape mod and sub-ohm tank, the URSA Baby Pro slips in any pocket, or purse if you’re a lady Vaper, and it’s 900mAh battery will keep you going all day.

The color and finish variety will please every user out there. I love Gunmetal finishes, Classic Black, and Silver Lust. My wife loves her Frost Blue, Sakura Pink, and Pearl White. Look at the photo below to see each of the URSA Baby Pro choices.

URSA Baby Pro 25W Rock Solid Mod Kit Review


A definite “must have” if you’re looking for a versatile, powerful, small, delicious pod mod system.  

Ursa Nano S by Lost Vape

Review by Jen_Turista

Lost Vape Ursa Nano S Kit Review – A Colourful Ursa!

It might be 2023 already but pod kits still dominate the market of open vaping systems. What I’ve noticed, though, is that super simple open pod systems are getting released, often marketed as a “step-up” from disposable vape kits. This is a good thing in my book for the progressive journey of the vaper, especially for those that often find themselves spending a lot when using disposable kits (or those feeling wary of the environmental impact of such).

And so, today we will have a look at one of Lost Vape’s latest entries in the pod systems market: the Ursa Nano S Kit!
This kit was provided to me for review purposes by Lost Vape (thank you, Bella!).

If you are new to Lost Vape, it might be worth mentioning that the Ursa Nano S is just one of the many kits under the “Ursa” line. Lost Vape has already produced several in this series, from simple pod systems to sub-ohm pod mods, over the last couple of years.

As always, my review will be from my own experience of using the device as a regular vaper, as most of you vapers buying this device will be.

Packaging and Contents

I was sent a sample pack that included:

  • The Ursa Nano S Pod device/mod.
  • 1 x refillable Ursa Nano Pod/cartridge with a 2.5 mL capacity and a 0.8 ohm fixed coil.
  • USB-C cable.
  • Paperwork such as the user manual, warranty card, and cartridge guide.

Lost Vape Ursa Nano S Box Contents

Salient Features include:

  • The device has an 800 mAh battery.
  • Dimensions at around 101 x 24 x 14 mm which makes the kit very portable.
  • Generates 5-16 W of power, depending on the pod/cartridge used.
  • With an output voltage of 3.2-4.2V.
  • Auto-draw functionality.
  • And of course, has the standard protections we are familiar with.

Impressions and Experience

The kit I received, finished in Mint Green, comes in a compact box that appears to be colour-matched with the kit (not sure if this is also the case for other colours/finishes). The box lists kit contents and features, Lost Vape’s socials, standard manufacturer information, and warning language. The kit sits on a plastic tray that slides out, with kit accessories tucked underneath. Simple and to-the-point packaging, just how I like it! But, yet again, there really should be another pod included in this kit.

My plea to all vape manufacturers out there: please ALWAYS include a second pod or coil, even in the most basic of kits. It just helps enhance the experience of the vaper, especially those who are new to vaping!

A. Ursa Nano S Device/Battery

Lost Vape Ursa Nano S Magnetic PodThe Ursa Nano S Device may be simple and fuss-free, but it is wonderfully colourful! Made from plastic and silicone, it is very lightweight despite the powerful 800 mAh battery installed and remains so even if loaded with a full pod. Combined with its rounded corners, it is indeed very comfortable to use.

Branding is quite obvious on the device, but it’s done well enough not to take anything away from its overall looks.

The pod contacts and magnets are inside the pod cradle up top. The USB-C port is on one side, and the opposite is the LED light. This light activates when the pod is installed, when the device is in use, and also when charging.

Lost Vape Ursa Nano S Side ViewBeing a very simple kit, there is nothing to adjust here, no buttons to fiddle with. Simply pop the pod in and inhale!
The auto-draw engages quickly as you inhale, even with a slight draw. There is no airflow control on the device or pod. Air gets into the pod via a pair of pin-point holes on either side of the device and then flows towards the bottom of the pod and up the mouthpiece. I would characterise the draw as a medium MTL draw at best- something to note for tight MTL enthusiasts out there.

The draw is warm enough with the supplied pod and does get warmer when taking successive puffs, providing a satisfying vape experience. From looking around the interweb, there seem to be various options for the Ursa pods, and I think the 0.6-ohm pod would also be lovely to use with this device for an even warmer MTL vape! I do hope the retail version will also include this pod for the vaper to try.

B. UrsaNano Pod/Cartridge (with 0.8 ohms fixed coil)

Lost Vape Ursa Nano S Pod Picture 1The plastic Ursa Nano Pod is quite tinted, but because it’s a little bit wide and flat, it’s still easy enough to see e-liquid levels. When installed in the device, though, you may need to tilt the pod a little to see how much e-juice is in it, as the bottom half of the pod is obscured by the device.

The duckbill mouthpiece is flat and narrows towards the top, making it quite comfortable on the lips during use.

There is an adequately-sized side fill hole towards the bottom of the pod that is sealed by a rubber bung. Refilling is mess-free, especially with most e-liquid bottles in the market.

Lost Vape Ursa Nano S Pod Picture 2The base of the pod has the coil plate for contact, magnets, and a pair of relatively wide air holes (see description of airflow in the previous section) for sufficient flow of air into the coil. I had not experienced any leaking either in my testing of this pod, even when I’ve left it to stand for a day, which is of course a great thing!

The fixed 0.8 ohm in the pod works well in MTL. It provided me with good flavour (7/10), especially with the nicotine salts I used during my review. Indeed, I recommend using 50/50 PG/VG e-liquids with this coil/pod for the best vape experience from it. I used fruit and dessert e-liquids with this pod, and it was able to handle these flavours beautifully and without any issues.

Overall: Yay or Nay?

As basic starter kits go, the Lost Vape Ursa Nano S gets a Yay from me! It’s mess and fuss-free to use, and a true “plug-and-play” device in terms of vaping kits. As I mentioned in my review, the only comment I have is the kit having just one pod included; it will get flying colours from me if Lost Vape includes an additional Ursa Nano Pod in its retail version!

Once again, my thanks to Lost Vape for allowing me to test the Ursa Nano S Kit! To see more of the kit, head over to the Lost Vape website via the links at the start of the review.

This review was written by jen_turista who is very active within the vape community. You can go give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

Ursa Nano Art by Lost Vape

A simple pod kit review today and this is the Ursa Nano Art by Lost Vape. Lost Vape has become a very well-known brand over the last few years releasing some great devices including the Thelema and Cyborg Quest. To check out their range of devices, head over to the Lost Vape website.

For today’s review, Lost Vape go back to basics with a simple pod kit in the Ursa Nano Art, so let’s take it for a spin and see how she vapes!

Packaging & Contents

The device and contents come in a sealed Blue cardboard box. The colour may be dependent on the colour device chosen. On the top of the box is the printed Lost Vape branding and the device title, along with a large embossed image of the pod kit in the middle. The right side of the box has printed branding and the Lost Vape slogan, while the left side of the box is 6 printed key features of the kit.

Printed on the bottom of the box are the contents, warnings, contact info and social media info for Lost Vape. Underneath is the printed bar code and colour of the device. There is also a scratch-for-authenticity label.

The package contents are:

  • Ursa Nano Art Pod Device.
  • Ursa Empty Cartridge/pod.
  • UB Mini S2 1.0Ω Coil.
  • UB Mini S1 0.8Ω Coil.
  • Type-C USB Charging Cable.
  • User Manual.
  • Warranty Card.
  • Ursa Cartridge Tips Card.

Ursa Nano Art Box Contents

Ursa Nano Art Device

The Ursa Nano Art by Lost Vape is a simple pod device. It measures just under 109mm in height, 25mm in width and a depth of 15mm. It weighs just over 40g with the pod inserted and is made with PCTG.

Lost Vape Aqua Blue Ursa Nano Art KitThe device has a clear (semi-opaque-coloured) body with a design panel behind it. The design on this colour device is called Pachino Art and has ‘Ursa’ down the middle on both the front and back of the device. Printed at the bottom of the design panelling is ‘Ursa Nano Art’ with ‘Lost Vape’ on the other side. This Ursa Nano Art being reviewed is the Aqua Blue colour but there are another 5 colours/designs available.

There isn’t a fire button or display screen on the Ursa Nano Art and it is literally a plug-and-play simple vape device. The pod just drops into the top and power is automatically smart set to the resistance of the coil in the pod, up to a maximum of 18W output. Then it just uses an auto-draw function on the vape. It has a built-in 800mAh battery and fast charges via the Type-C USB on the bottom of the device.

There is an LED within the bottom of the device that will light when vaping and charging. Due to the coloured PCTG on the Ursa Nano Art, it will illuminate the whole device in the colour of the kit purchased. Being regulated with the Lost Vape Quest chipset, the LED will also indicate along with any safety functions. For example when in a low battery the LED will flash 10 times, or 25 times to indicate Too Hot.

UB Mini Coils and Filling

Lost Vape UB Mini Coils for Ursa Nano ArtThe Ursa Nano Art device uses replaceable coils for the pod. There are 2 coils supplied in the kit which are the UB Mini Coils by Lost Vape in 1.0Ω and 0.8Ω resistance. Both of these ranges make the device perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping.

The coil simply pushes up into the middle of the bottom of the pod, making sure it is flush with the bottom plastic. At the front of the pod is a rubber grommet, simply pull this back and fill the pod with e-liquid via the fill hole. Wait 5 minutes (unless you are re-filling) for the e-liquid to saturate the coil cotton to avoid dry burning when first vaping.

The pod holds a maximum e-liquid capacity of 2.5ml and even though 50% of the pod sits in the Ursa Nano Art device, you can clearly see current e-liquid levels due to the clear body of the device and the smoked pod.

My Thoughts

As a very simple stick-type pod kit with a low price point, the Ursa Nano Art is a decent little vape. There isn’t a display screen, fire button or adjustable airflow, but the vape it gives off is decent enough. The auto draw is quite responsive so it doesn’t feel like you are trying to suck a Melon through a straw!

The UB Mini coils are great for flavour and due to the lower wattages of MTL, I didn’t notice much condensation at all hanging around the bottom of the pod. Also zero leaks from the pod during the time I spent vaping with it.

I admit to sometimes liking a light-up vape device and think the way this lit blue on the vape was really good and also gives you an indication of the fire! The charging time was fast with the device lasting around a day of moderate vaping before needing to be plugged in.

Of course, this would be perfect for an MTL vaper to throw into a pocket if wanting something portable, but what stuck out to me, would be the appeal for a vaper looking to come away from disposables. The Ursa Nano Art has the same form factor as a disposable and is similar having no functions or wattages to set. The price for the kit I believe will be well under £10 RRP and with disposable pricing at around £5-6 with only 600 puffs that you end up throwing away, the Ursa Nano Art is a perfect switchover that will last! You also get the bonus of buying your own e-liquids to use, as opposed to using the crap that’s put in disposable vapes!

To see more of the Ursa Nano Art Kit, head over to Lost Vape via the links at the start of the review and check your favourite vape stores on release! Thanks for reading!

Lostvape Thelema Mini Kit Review

From: https://www.vapersgarage.com/lostvape-thelema-mini-kit-review/

Hey folks, today I’m going to show you something that I’m actually quite impressed with.

If you’ve ever been in the situation where you’d love a small out and about device, without it weighing down your pocket, but still want to have a full, dense vape, similar to what you might get on your higher wattage device, you’re really going to dig this one.

You might even be a MTL vaper and want something with a little more battery life than the usual Pod kits that get pushed out so often, you’ll love this too!

Introducing Lostvapes latest full internal battery kit! The Thelema Mini kit! Let’s check it out.

Big thanks goes to Vaporstate and of course Lostvape, who sent this out for the purposes of review!

Specifications and Features

Thelema Mini Mod
  • Size: 32.8×24.6×70.5mm
  • Battery: 1500mAh (internal)
  • Display: 0.69in OLED screen
  • Output: 5-45W / (3-4.2V)
  • Modes: Not specified
  • Type C USB charging – 2A charge rate
  • Resistance range: 0.2-5ohm
  • 510 connection
UB Lite Tank
  • Size: 22mm diameter X 32mm height (minus 510 and drip tip)
  • Capacity: 3.5ml (standard)  / 5ml (Bubble glass)
  • Coils: UB Lite coil range
  • Bottom adjustable airflow
  • Top fill

Product Includes

  • Lost Vape Thelema Mini Mod
  • UB Lite Tank
  • L7 0.3ohm UB Lite coil
  • L8 1.2ohm UB Lite coil
  • Spare Bubble glass
  • Spare O-rings
  • RDL Drip tip
  • MTL Drip tip
  • USB Type C cable
  • User manual


General Info

So, of course by now you’re intrigued, I’ve talked this up a bit, what exactly impresses me about this setup?
Well, there’s nothing really new about a mini kit, there’s been tonnes similarly released over the years with lower maximum wattage outputs than their larger counterparts, 20, 30, 40 watt kits even larger 60 watt kits. What most of them lack however, is a suitable tank that produces a vape similar to their larger brethren. In other words, there are heaps of smaller setups that vape like smaller setups. The Thelema mini does not vape like a smaller setup.

This tiny kit measuring in at only 32.8×24.6×70.5mm, has all of the bells and whistles of larger setups. It fits snugly in your hand, is very lightweight, has adjustable airflow, adjustable wattage, a 1500mah internal battery, USB Type C charging port, and is paired with a top notch tank that takes some pretty impressive coils pushing out a much bigger vape that you’d ever expect.

The Thelema Mini Mod

Built from zinc alloy and stainless steel, the Thelema Mini Mod is classy. It is a c-bodied closed mod with 1500mah internal battery, comes in several awesome colour combinations, with an embossed leather or leather-like heel that is just so damned sexy. This is an impressive looking and well built device.

All of the controls are laid out as you’d expect, large fire button up top, black and white display showing you all of the vital information you’ll need (battery indicator, resistance, wattage, puff counter and puff timer). Below that are your two up and down function buttons and at the base, you’ll find your USB Type C charging port.

Due to it’s size, unfortunately you wont see any other modes besides your basic adjustable wattage, but that’s ok, being a maximum 45 Watt device and using factory coils, you’re still getting the vape that Lost Vape intended.
While there isn’t a lot of functionality here, there are some button combinations for basic things, like wattage lock and resetting the puff counter.

Here’s a quick run down on how to use the Thelema Mini Mod

  • Pressing the fire button x5 fast, switches the device on and off
  • To lock and unlock the wattage buttons press the Fire button and the “+” buttons together (hold for 3-5 seconds)
  • To clear the puff counter, press the Fire button and the “-” buttons together (hold for 3-5 seconds)
  • Use the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust wattage.

The UB Lite Tank

Now the Thelema Mini Kit is going to be sold in two different styles, with two different toppers in the box. The one that I’ve received is the kit with the UB Lite Tank (glass tank), but you are going to be able to purchase this kit with the UB Lite Pod I believe also. Either way you choose, both will be able to use the UB Lite Coils previously found in the Ursa Mini, as well as the 3 new variations that Lost vape have added to the list, with upgraded lifespan and better flavour performance.

The UB Lite tank totally suits the mod and is very much the perfect combo in my opinion. It’s small, only 22mm in diameter, is top fill, bottom airflow, with an adjustable airflow ring allowing you to choose an airflow anywhere between a really tight MTL draw right up to a fairly open restricted DTL inhale.
To get a really tight MTL draw, simply close the airflow all the way, turn your wattage down, and you’ll be in that MTL aficionado zone in no time!

With a top fill port which lives under a top cap that unscrews, filling is easy, and is well sealed with a rubber washer pushing against a well machined stainless top.

With the combination of the new UB Lite coils and adjustable wattage and airflow, this little beast packs a punch that puts out some phenomenal flavour!

I did notice one thing with this tank, and it’s not really a con, but for lack of finding anything else, it can get a little noisy when the airflow is fully open. Like I said, not really a con, more a preference 🙂

UB Lite Coils

As I mentioned earlier, Lostvape have released another 3 UB Lite coils that are not only improved for longevity, but also for more flavour performance. You’ll receive two of the three in this kit, the 0.3Ohm and 1.2Ohm examples are a great way to try out the Thelema Mini with both “Restricted Direct to lung” and “Mouth to Lung” styles of vaping.
Both provide lovely dense vapour and excellent flavour.

Filling the tank

As always with Lostvape’s gear, filling is really simple. Remove the screw down top cap, to reveal the fill port, and fill away! This time around the fill port is on a naked stainless steel deck with the sealing grommit under the cap, for minimal fuss. You also get a spare grommit in the spare parts bag!

Any Leaks?

None. Being bottom airflow, I have actually expected some, but there has been none at all! I’m not exactly sure how this magic works, but I’m not going to question the coil gods on this one. The catch cup that holds the coil in place is also bone dry!


  • Wonderful design and aesthetics
  • Built tough with excellent tolerances
  • Easy to use
  • Super tiny, great for out and about
  • Wonderful flavourful coils


  • Airflow can be a little noisy (not really a con)

Where to Buy:

As always with Lostvape’s gear, you will be able to pick the Thelema Mini kit up through their Australian partner, Vaporstate. It’s not available yet, but you should keep you’re eyes peeled as it’s likely to be available and in stock very soon!


This is a really great pairing. The smaller, fit in your palm mod, paired with the UB Lite Tank is a clear winner, not only in looks but functionality. This kit really does perform well, with a lovely rich dense vapour and phenomenal flavour!

I’ve had a really great experience in giving this quite a run, and would definitely pick it up again in the future for those times that I need an out and about device for a few hours, and am looking for something small, lightweight, and will push out some quality vape that you might only expect from a larger setup.

I’ve really struggled to come up with any “cons” with the Thelema Mini, and the best I can come up with is that the airflow on the UB Lite Tank can be a little noisy with the airflow wide open. Tune it down a little, and the noisiness goes away. As you can see, not really a con at all.

All in all, this is a wonderful little vape, perfect for a beginner, or someone looking for a smaller and portable vape. It’s well thought out, build and machined well, with long lasting and flavourful coils!

Great job Lostvape!

Lost Vape Centaurus M200 Review

 November 18, 2022 by Vapesourcing Team.

Lost Vape always used its premium production – DNA chipsets, for some years and has developed simplified electronics called “Quest” to offer the same devices at a lower price.

Centaurus M200 innovates the way you look at mods. Minimalism x Maximum x Mechanism!

The mod is feather-light weighing 150+g in aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. without compromising on hand feel and durability.

Centaurus M200 provides 5 colors and 2 limited editions: Golden Knight, Galaxy Black, Pink Planet, Midnight Blue, Gunmetal Gray, Splatoon (Honor to Sell 8888 sets), and Dying Light (Honor to Sell 8888 sets).

Design and Build Quality

Centaurus M200 has a classic and simple design, but the thing that immediately catches the eye is that the usual 3 adjustment buttons are not present, but instead, there is an adjustable knob or “potentiometer” with a triple integrated function of key lock, led and power regulation. The switching on and off of the Mod are instead delegated to a quick sliding key.

The two side panels of the M200 are removable by inserting a fingernail in the appropriate holes found on the bottom of the Mod, Lost Vape announces that a wide range of colored panels will be available to customize your Centaurus.

On the front of the mod, you can see the 3-in-1 Jog Dial interface at the top which is composed of a knurled bezel, the bezel is 360 ° rotatable and the potentiometer function allows you to increase the power by turning clockwise, and decrease the power by turning counterclockwise. The other options include vaping by pressing the button and monitoring the charge level of the cells through the 5 different colors that the LED can take.

As you may have guessed this is a “Mod sample” and there are some limitations; on the production models, there will be two different modes which are Normal Mode and RDA DIY mode, and the function to be able to lock the power adjustment by 3 clicking the button.

On the bright display, there are the classic indicators of the battery level, then there is all the useful information such as; selected power, coil resistance, puff counter, and duration of the last puff. Above the USB-C charging port there is the On / Off sliding button which has been adopted on many Mods, and Lost Vape has also decided to insert it, this quick button can be convenient but I don’t think it is necessary, personally, I still prefer the classic lock / unlock setting.

The steel plate with 510 connection is slightly raised to avoid scratches when “handling” the atomizers on it, it is also screwed onto the top of the mod in a central position, the pin is gold plated and is spring loaded. Centaurus M200 can accommodate tanks up to 26mm without protrusions.


l Refined constructive care

l Replaceable panel design

l Lightweight

l 3-in-1 Jog Dial adjustment system

l On / Off quick sliding key

l rda Diy Mode + Normal Mode


Final Review Verdict

The quality of an important brand like Lost Vape is measured starting from the Packaging and which is really beautiful, the Mod like all the devices of this company has excellent finishes, and sturdy materials have been used for its construction.

The 3-in-1 Jog Dial system replaces the classic adjustment buttons and in my opinion, it integrates perfectly into the classic and minimalist design of this Mod. In addition, the 3-in-1 Jog Dial allows the user to use a maximum of two fingers for any setting operation. The simple soul of the Centaurus M200 provides the only VW mode. The Chipset Quest 2.0 (simplified) manages the residual charge of the cells really well, provides stable and precise indications, and delivers power well. So if you are looking for an attractive, powerful dual Battery Mod with a very good control system, Centaurus M200 could be well for you.

Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pro Preview – Nano Goes Pro!

The Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pro is an update to the Ursa Nano kit.

Lost Vape originally made a name for themselves with high end DNA devices, but have become more affordable with quality pod kits over time.

What Is New For The Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pro?

This version is designed to be a lot more versatile to appeal to a lot of different vapers.

For a start – the pod (or tank) component has 2 options…

  • Replaceable coil – this pod allows you to replace the coils in the refillable pod. You get the Ursa UB Mini S1 coil included in the kit.
  • Fixed coil – for those who don’t like the messy business of coil changes you also get a fixed coil pod with a 0.6ohm resistance. When the coil performance deteriorates over time just replace the entire pod. This pod is compatible with the original Ursa Nano too.

Also the output is up to 25W so you can adjust the output to suit the coil / pod installed.

Plus the airflow is adjustable to cater for MTL (Mouth To Lung) and RL (Restricted Direct To Lung) vapers. We tell you what these terms mean in our Guide To Vape Styles.

A 900mAh battery is installed and you charge this using the USB Type C port at a fast 2A charge rate.

You get a 0.42in OLED screen and can choose between auto draw and manual (button activated) firing. A pulsing LED in the shape of the “URSA” text is also provided.

There are 9 colours to choose from in 2 ranges:

Glossy Anodized CMF: Sunrise G, Midnight G, Babe Pink, Mojito G, Sukura G and Antartica G.

Matte Anodized CMF: Navy Blue, Electric Violet and Classic Black.

Kit Includes

  • Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pro device
  • Empty pod
  • 0.6ohm Ursa fixed coil Pod
  • UB Mini S1 coil – 0.8ohm
  • USB Type C cable
  • Lanyard
  • O-ring
  • User manual

Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pro Specs

  • Size: 24x14x94.4mm
  • Output: 9-25W (1.7-3.9V)
  • Battery: 900mAh (internal)
  • Display: 0.42in OLED screen
  • Resistance range: Not specified
  • USB Type C port – 2A charge rate
  • Pods: Refillable, fixed coils or Refillable, replaceable coils
  • Capacity: 2.5ml (Standard) / 2ml (TPD)
  • Side refill
  • Auto draw or manual (button) fire
  • Adjustable airflow – slide control
  • Lost Vape Quest chipset

This really is a versatile kit which has generous contents to help attract quite a range of vapers.

Let me know your thoughts on the Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pro in the comments below!

centaurus 80w

Centaurus Q80 Pod Mod Review: Comes With 80W and 18650 Battery

Centaurus  Q80 Pod Mod can show you its flexibility and one of a kind allure from its exhilarating fixed squonk and limit plan.


The arrangement is negligible. In like manner, It goes with We utilize a degree of phenomenal authentic calfskins and join the immaculate course of action, popular nuances and work with the most cautious and common craftsmanship. Also, It goes with Tempered steel makes the Lostvape Centaurus  Q80 Pod Mod Kit look more finished and gleaming, further foster strength. It besides keeps a clever and sharp concordance between striking feel and ergonomic development.


Next to that, it is constrained by a singular 18650 battery (barred) for adequate power and supports fast charging in a super-short period of time through the sort c affiliation that rouses the unending possible results and never-ending nature of vaping fun. It can achieve max 80W outcome and utilize the lost vape first Centaurus Solo RDA for captivating person.


Centaurus  Q80 Pod Mod has perfect and arranged calfskin as a reconsideration looks smooth and wrapped up, revealing a quiet excess everywhere. So, what are you waiting for?

Lostvape Centaurus Q200 Kit Review: Comes With Huge Battery Of 18650 mah

With the classy looking plans, a lot of built quality, and the usage of the most notable develop DNA 250C chipset which is an extraordinary chipset and a neighborhood top decision.  Lostvape Centaurus Q200 Kit  is another best product. lets review it


The plan is minimal. Likewise, It accompanies We use an extent of extraordinary genuine calfskins and join the flawless arrangement, famous subtleties and work with the most careful and ordinary craftsmanship. Additionally, It accompanies Tempered steel makes the Lostvape Centaurus Q200 Kit look more got done and shiny, further develop strength. It moreover keeps a sagacious and sharp concordance between striking feel and ergonomic construction.


The Lostvape Centaurus Q200 Kit, featuring a yield range from 1 to 200W with an industry main thrust efficiency rating, integrating with Boost Mode and Replay work. Likewise, It accompanies Replay is normal to get the flavor. Likewise, It has the satisfaction of the “astounding puff’ and gives a comparative level of execution/consistency on each subsequent puff. At the point when a phenomenal puff is achieving and establish the mode to save and replay the picked puff.




 Lostvape Centaurus Q200 Kit sponsorships Boost handiness. It can immediately extend the mod’s power movement close to the start of ending for you to rapidly show up at your ideal smoke yield. The contraption permits you to draw in up to 200 watts of power. It accompanies twofold 18650 batteries of high amperage for state of the art wattage control vaping.

THELEMA SOLO DNA 100 MOD Review, Price, Features, Design

Despite the low price tag of the Thelema Solo DNA 100 Mod, the vaping pod comes with features that fit different usage scenarios. In terms of design, the Thelema Solo comes in different snazzy colors with a natural genuine leather combination. So far, most buyers prefer the oyster-white kingsnake leather-designed pod option as it is extremely attractive to the eyes.

thelema solo dna 100c

Thelema Solo features multiple protections like; Atomizer protection, Low resistant protection, Short circuit protection, Overheat protection, Reverse polarity protection, and Low voltage step down protection. In addition, the pod has an accurate temperature control system which makes this vape pod different and unique. It is able to reach the appropriate temperature quickly thereby meeting the needs of the most popular coil platforms.

It will also interest you to know that the firmware on this pod is upgradable. With the presence of Evolv’s Escribe software, the Thelema Solo DNA 100 Mod offers a wide range of customization. The software also allows users to configure, modify, and monitor the pod the way they want.

Lastly, this nice design Thelema Solo is equipped with a removable 21700mAh battery that delivers up to 100W output and it is also scheduled to offer users more vaping time.

Where To Buy:

The Thelema Solo DNA 100 Mod is currently available for a low price tag on Lostvape official website.

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