Lost Vape BTB 100W Starter Kit Review

Lost Vape BTB 100W Starter Kit

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Recently Lost Vape decided to go back to “Back To Basic” (BTB) origins.
It all started with the powerful and prestigious Centaurus DNA250C dual battery Mod.

Lost Vape is a much admired brand with many fan’s all over the world, these people require innovation, so the research and development department of Lost Vape went to work to please its fan’s.

I was able to appreciate the extraordinary transforming qualities and the constructive care of the brand new Gemini Hibyd 80W.
Today I would like to introduce you the BTB (Back To Basic) Kit 100W equipped with 18650 battery and temperature control functions.

Enjoy the reading.

The package features the Lost Vape brand logo and the wording “Quest” on the front.
On the white background there is the image of the kit with a tricolor motif regarding its graphics (SS Vintage Classic).
On this side there are some main features in the form of icons, while the name of the product is shown in full at the bottom right (BACK TO BASIC KIT 100W).

On the back are indicated; the contents of the kit, the warnings, the security code, the social networks where Lost Vape is present with its fan’s, the barcode, the logos and the legal trademarks.


“The New Demarcation” and the name of the product are printed on the side of the packaging.


Contents of the BTB 100W Kit:
-1 BTB Kit with UBX tank (2ML)
-1 Bubble Glass UBX (4ML)
-1 Coil Ultra Boost M3 of 0.15Ω Pre-installed
-1 1.0Ω MTL Ultra Boost Coil
-1 Drip Tip MTL
-1 USB-C charging cable
-1 Pack of spare O-rings
-1 User manual
-1 Warranty card


– Body material: zinc alloy
– Dimensions: 91x36x25 mm
– Weight: 202g (246g including battery)
– Battery: single 18650 (Not included)
– 0.96 inch color TFT screen
– Output power: 5-100W
– Supported working modes: VW / VV / TC-SS / TC-Ni / TC-Ti
– Output voltage: 0.8V-7V
– Current range: 0.3A-30A
– Temperature range: 200 ° F-600 ° F / 100 ° C-300 ° C
– Range of resistances supported: 0.1-3.0Ω
– Type C fast charging
– Compatible with the whole series of Coil Ultra Boost



Available colours:
Red Camo, Blue Camo, Green Camo, Black Camo, SS Vintage Classic, Black Vintage Camo, Matt Black Vintage Stars.


Description BTB Mod 100W:
Like its sister Gemini-Hybrid, the BTB-100W is built in solid zinc alloy, the elegant design and its very small shape make it comfortable and easy to hold.

The entire frame, excluding the removable panel, is therefore a single block in zinc alloy, at the top the section tapers progressively, connecting with the base of the 510 cup.
The base of the 510 cup has been machined to integrate in a visually pleasing way into the overall design of the BTB.

The massive side panels of my SS Vintage Classic version are covered with a layer of very durable fabric (looks like jeans).
The decorations on the fabric include a tricolor transversal strip on both sides, on one side we find the initials BTB (Back To Basic) on the other side the word Lost Vape appears.

The non-decorated fabric part and the decorated fabric areas have two different and pleasant textures to the touch.
The panel with the wording BTB is the removable one, perfectly coupled with the structure that houses it, to be removed it uses a recess on the bottom.


The front of the BTB houses at the top the slightly protruding fire button, circular in shape and large.
The fire button is made of black plastic.
The 0.96 inch color TFT screen is the same color as the control keys (black).
The Up / Down control keys are placed on an elongated rocker, below them is the only mode key having the same shape and color.
The USB Type-C charging socket is located in the lower part of this side.


The 510 cup is screwed to the body via three French screws, it is cleverly raised to avoid scratching the edge of the mod during the positioning phases of the atomizers. The floating pin 510 is gold plated and the connection thread has a good smoothness.

The BTB can comfortably accommodate ø 25mm atomizers, the original UBX tank is ø 24mm.

The C E mark, the disposal logo and the words “Designed and manufactured by lost Vape are shown on the bottom of the BTB Mod.
Also on the bottom there are two large slits for the 18650 cell vent.


The compartment / battery is arranged in an orderly manner and is fixed to the mod by four screws elegantly hidden by as many rubber caps (top finishes!), Has three magnets, two of circular shape positioned at the top and one of rectangular shape positioned in bass.

The slot for the 18650 cell has the polarities marked, the negative pole is spring loaded, to facilitate the extraction of the battery there is a useful strap signed Lost Vape.

The removable panel has an adhesive label on the inside with warnings for the batteries.

The quality and super finishes of Lost Vape are also noticeable in the perfect closure of the Panel with the Mod. This is by far the most precise and perfect coupling that I have ever seen on Box Mod of this type. Once fixed, the panel will look like a single structure with the Mod!


Description UBX Tank 24mm – Innovative Airflow Intake-MTL Mode & DL Mode:

The UBX Tank uses the same pre-made Ultra Boost coils as the Gemini Hybrid. It is completely detachable, including the AFC ring and this is good for being able to carry out periodic deep cleaning.

The colors of choice for the UBX Tank are seven.


The UBX Tank is built almost entirely in SS steel, the quality feels and the weight proves it, almost 60gr is not few.
Much Spare parts are supplied in the kit; some o-rings, two Drip-Tip 510 and a 4ml bubble glass.

AFC ring is equipped with limit switches in both directions of rotation and it is possible to adjust it with precision both for an open DTL vape and for an MTL vape, if you want you can also adjust it in a very suffocated way.

Top-Cap opens by slide, there is no child safety, but even here you can feel the quality of Lost-Vape, thanks to the precision of workmanship it is practically impossible that the Top-Cap can accidentally open.

By unscrewing the deck and using the “Push and Pull” method (with empty tank) you can connect / disconnect all the UB-Coils.



Coils Ultra Boost:
The Vaping tests I carried out with the Gemini Hybrid 80W took place simultaneously with those of the BTB 100W, this is because both the Gemini Hybrid pod-tank and the UBX Tank adopt the same coils.
Some of these coils such as the 1.0Ω UB and the UB M4 have recently been modified by Lost vape specifically to be able to mount the AFC in the Gemini Hybrid pod, but are still compatible in the UBX Tank.
The liquids I used are the same for both reviews.

– Coil Ultra Boost MTL 1.0Ω range 8-15W:
With this resistance I used a liquid 50/50 at 4mg / ml of my production with Tob-Ermes aroma. The Drip tip used is the narrow one specifically for MTL (same as that of the Gemini Hybrid).

The chipset of the BTB (like that of the Hybrid) is able to activate the coil (not mesh) surprisingly well already starting from 5W, given the similarities found with the Gemini Hybrid I went directly to 13.5W.

The excellent performance (extensively described in the Gemini Hybrid review) is perfectly replicated with some slight differences. The Puff is more open with the Tank UBX but only with the slots fully open.

The real surprise was using the two smaller holes (I think they are 0.5mm), with this configuration the MTL puff is fantastic, in line with that of the Gemini Hybrid, the AFC adjustment allows comfortable and very fine adjustments. Perhaps the UBX Tank heats up more by compulsively vaping. The Gemini Hybrid pod is made of PCTG while the UBX Tank is made of steel so it makes sense that the heat transfer is higher.

– Mesh Coil Ultra Boost M4 from 0.2Ω range 40-60W:
With this resistance I used the wide 510 Drip-Tip supplied in the kit (the same as that of the Gemini Hybrid), the liquid chosen was the Tropical from Tob, 70/30 at 0mg / ml.

Again, the performance is absolutely comparable to that recorded with the Gemini Hybrid.
With the Gemini Hybrid I had found my Best-Vaping at 45W with the air ring completely open, or as a second option at 35W closing the air-flow at 50%.
With the Tank UBX you can risk something more, like high wattage, the best performance with open air-flow in this case is 50W.

Having also available the old 0.3Ω and 0.6Ω UB coils (not usable with the Gemini Hybrid AFC) I took the opportunity to try them with the UBX tank.

– Mesh Coil Ultra Boost M1 from 0,3Ω range 30-40W
With this Coil made for the Flavor / Lung puff, I used Tropical from Tob, 70/30 at 0mg / ml.
The aromatic yield at 40W is similar to the previous 0.2Ω UB M4, at this wattage it is a bit exasperate, however it seems to resist, I recommend using it at 30W for a longer duration of resistance, the taste is good even if it does not reach the high performance of the UB M4 in terms of vapor emission, however I find it pleasant with AFC adjusted to 50%.

– Mesh Coil Ultra Boost M2 from 0.6Ω range 20-28W
Made for a DTL puff, I particularly liked using it at 20W with the AFC rather closed and with the wide Drip-Tip, the vapor is not hot and the puff is quite contrasted, during my tests I also set it to 25w and vape was very satisfying, the puff is more open than the 1.0Ω coil, however I would dare to call it MTL / open.

The UBX Tank is cleverly crafted and works beautifully, it doesn’t leak a drop of liquid and it fits perfectly with all the coils I’ve tried. I think this is due to the precise adjustment of the AFC, I had felt almost the same sensations with the old Melo 5 but I must say that the yield of the Tank UBX and its Coils is much more flexible, with superior performance. It does not matter that the UBX tank does not have locking mechanisms or safety devices for children.



Lost Vape BTB 100W:
Maybe 100W for a single 18650 is an exaggerated value, however I vape very well even at 60W with the M4 coil.
In vape I hardly go beyond 60W, if I have to do it I do it with a dual battery.
With the BTB 100W and its chipset I found the same excellent performance as the Gemini Hybrid 80W, excellent responsiveness and excellent management of battery life.


The 0.96 “OLED screen has 6 very bright background colors and offers a fairly good view of the fonts.
the screen shows all the information useful for vaping except the OHM reading in the VW configuration.
To read them it is therefore necessary to switch to VV mode.


How the Lost Vape BTB 100W works:

The evolved circuit of the Gemini Hybrid maintains all the previous positive aspects in this new version (BTB 100W), with the addition of the Mode selection button that makes navigating the menu even faster and more intuitive.

– To turn on / off the device, five clicks on the fire button are required in less than two seconds.
– Sleep mode is automatically activated after 10s of inactivity.
– To lock / unlock the wattage press the Up / Mode buttons simultaneously.
– The wattage with the mod unlocked is activated with the Up / Down keys with an increase and decrease of 0.5W at a time from 5 to 100W.
– The voltage with the mod unlocked is activated with the Up / Down keys with an increase and decrease of 0.1V at a time from 1 to 7W.
– To enter the menu with Mod unlocked, lightly press the Mode key, the current mode lights up red, press the Up / Down keys to choose between the modes among (VW, VV, TC-SS, TC-NI, TC-Ti ), then confirm the selected mode by pressing and holding the Mode key.
– TC SS / TI / NI mode has a value that can be set by pressing the Up / Down keys between 100 ° -300 ° C and 200 ° -600 ° F, confirm with the Mode key.
– To delete the puff number, press the Down / Mode keys simultaneously.
– To change one of the six screen colors, press and hold the Mode button for two seconds.
– No Pass-Through the device warns on the screen that it is not allowed to vape while charging for safety reason.
– Low battery the device warns on the screen that the battery charge level is low.
– Check atomizer the device warns on the screen that it does not detect the atomizer.
– Short circuit the device warns on the screen that the resistive value is less than 0.1Ω.
– Too hot, when the device reaches a board temperature above 80 °, it stops and restores below 60 °.
– Over 10s, the device locks for safety when 10s of continuous delivery are reached.


HighLights “Back to Basic 100W Box Mod Kit”:

– Aesthetically beautiful with quality finishes.
– Compact size.
– Construction materials.
– Simple design.
– Super precise battery cover.
– Easy to navigate chipset with additional Mode button.
– Instant power delivery.
– Good battery management.
– 18650 power supply.
– 0.96 inch color TFT screen with 6 colors.
– Support SS / TI / NI in temperature control mode.
– USB-C Fast charging
– Replaceable 510 DL / MTL Drip Tip.
– 4ml bubble glass with quick refill slide.
– Innovative super effective Airflow for MTL & DL
– Non-existent condensation formation with any coil.

Volts not indicated on the watts screen.

Thanks to Lost Vape for making this kit available for review: BTB 100W STARTER KIT