Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod Kit 80W Review

Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod Kit 80W

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The prestigious Lost vape company after a transitory period returns to the Mods. With the release of the Centaurus DNA250C the new course has officially begun, several interesting innovations are expected soon.

What we will talk about today is a true 2 in 1 Kit, a complete and quality product that allows it to be used with all the functions of a Mod and with all the advantages of a pod, without imperfections deriving from one or the other. solution.

Gemini Hybrid Pod Mod has several interesting features let’s see them together.

Enjoy the reading

The packaging on the front shows the logo, the brand name, the image of the Mod in Pod format, some main features in the form of an icon and the wording indicating the name of the device.

On the back are listed: content, warnings, social icons where the brand is present, security code in relief, bar code, color indication (Black marine) logos & brands


Kit contents:
– 1 Gemini Hybrid Kit
– 1 Pod (4ML Pre-installed)
– 1 510 adapter
– 1 Drip Tip 510 MTL
– 1 Micro Usb cable
– 1 Mesh Coil Ultra Boost M4 0.2Ω range 40-60W (Pre-installed)
– 1 Coil Ultra Boost MTL 1.0Ω range 8-15W
– 1 Air adjustment ring for Ultra Boost coils
– 1 Sachet of O-rings
– 1 Warranty Card
– 1 User manual


Technical parameters:
Dimensions: 81.4x48x23mm
Weight with battery and tank full of liquid: 216g
Mod Material: Zinc Alloy
Battery: 18650 (not included)
Pod capacity: 4ml
Output: 5-80W increment / decrement 0.5W at a time
Screen: 0.96 inch color TFT display
Current range: 0.3A-22A.
Resistance range: 0.12-5.0Ω

Compatible Coils:
0.3Ω Ultra Boost M1 Mesh Coil (30-40W, for DL)
0.6Ω Ultra Boost M2 Mesh Coil (20-28W, for DL)
0.15Ω M3 Ultra Boost Mesh Coil (40-70W, for DL)
0.20Ω M4 Ultra Boost Mesh Coil (40-60W, for DL)
1.0Ω MTL Ultra Boost Coil (8-15W, for MTL)
Ultra Boost RBA Deck Range (0.15-3.0Ω)

Available colors:
Black carbon Fiber, Gun Metal Carbon Fiber, SS Carbon Fiber, Black Marine, Gunmetal Puzzling, SS Jungle, Black fire & Ice, Gunmetal Crater, SS Glacier.


The body of this Hybrid is entirely built in solid zinc alloy, this feature raises its weight, however the extremely small dimensions and the perfect fitting of the parts favor its portability.

On the front side, the Fire key is placed at the top in its classic ideal position, its surface is mirror polished, the Fire key is made of metal, its shape is round, slightly protruding.

The screen has a 0.96-inch color TFT display that contains all the information useful for vaping, we find: the graphic level with residual battery charge percentage, coil Ω, Watts set, last Puff duration, puff counter, lock / unlock icon in the shape of a padlock, indication on the six available and selectable background colors.

The two up / down adjustment keys are basically a scaled-down execution of the Fire key.

The Micro-Usb socket is the last detail of the front and is located in the lower part.

The back side is bare, with a clean line without frills, it blends well with the lower and upper shelves.


Both panels are colored “Black marine”, off-centered at the top on both sides we find a black plastic insert well inserted in the line of the Mod. This detail has the dual task of making visible the level of residual liquid and to air to the coil through three slots.

The silver band present on both panels, takes on different shades of color depending on the exposure to light, on one panel the writing “Gemini Hybrid” on the other shows the writing “Lost Vape”.


The top shelf is an integral part of the structure, aesthetically very beautiful compared to the classic pods with often unstable attacks, the Drip-Tip 510 is replaceable.

On the bottom of the mod we find the notch to open the battery door, this notch also acts as a vent of the 18650 cell.
Always on the bottom they are present; the C E mark, the disposal logo and the words “Designed and manufactured by Lost Vape LTD”.

The pod compartment has the contact poles marked, gold / plated, with the bottom one floating. To facilitate the extraction of the cell there is a practical and useful strap marked Lost Vape.

Four magnets positioned on the four corners of the battery compartment hold the door effectively and without any movement.
In the same picture you can see the Pod installed, the air adjustment ring is completely wide open.


In this image the Gemini Hybrid Kit with the 18650 cell inserted, the internal part of the door being metal does not have magnets.

Included in the kit there are two rubber caps to further choke the two external air-flows, however the air control ring performs its task very well by itself, making them superfluous.


To remove the Pod from the Hibryd you must first remove the lid from the battery compartment, then you must remove the Drip-Tip, finally you must press on the recess created specifically on the top of the cartridge and pull, to insert it you carry out the reverse procedure, this operation is easier to do than describe it and it’s really simple.


The Hibryd has two 510 Drip-Tips, one very thin, elongated, reminiscent of a cigarette mouthpiece and is suitable for MTL vaping with the 1.0Ω Ultra Boost MTL coil, the other Drip-tip is designed for the Flavor, in my opinion the latter has an excellent performance at 40 / 45W.

The Pod with a liquid capacity of 4ml has the refil cap placed at the top, once the lid has been removed it is possible to comfortably carry out the filling operation without removing it from its seat.

The liquid control side windows offer good visual control thanks to the very clear material of the pod

We then choose the new coil and after wetting it with the liquid, we can screw it firmly to the AFC control ring, then inserting it into the cartridge.

I recommend waiting at least five minutes before starting to vape to allow the cotton in the coil to absorb the liquid well.


– Coil Ultra Boost MTL 1.0Ω range 8-15W:
With this resistance I used a liquid 50/50 at 4mg / ml of my production with Tob-Ermes aroma.
The coil (not mesh) activates surprisingly well already starting from 5W, just the time to do the break-in of the coil and I switched to 8W, the two air-flow holes on the body of this coil are so small that they hardly need to be partialized to obtain a good contrasted MTL puff.

Vaping slowly the puff is very fluid while vaping with more energy you feel the need to increase watts as the prehit curve of the mod falls.
So the steam is warm and low in quantity, the aromatic yield has yet to be defined, after a short transition to 10W with consequent general improvement I tried all possible wattages within 15W (physical limit of the coil).

I found 13.5W an excellent compromise without necessarily having to push myself beyond this threshold.
I adjusted the ring in order to have a contrasted puff, the vapor is hot enough and the aromatic yield really valid to be an MTL coil and I am not a lover of this type of vape, the vapor I perceive it dry and with a remarkable Hit, thanks to the shape of the Drip-tip this type of vape reminds me a lot of burnt cigarettes.

With this configuration, the consumption of liquid is really negligible, the 4ml of autonomy of the tank really give a lot of time to the vape before having to refill.

In this Pod-AIO-MTL configuration, Hibryd has done very well, the 4mg / ml present in my liquid fully satisfy, other atomizers with pre-set heads with this concentration (4mg / ml) have a lower yield than to what the “Ultra Boost MTL” from lost Vape, this is great news for those who want to stay away from cigarettes and receive contentment with low nicotine concentrations.

– Mesh Coil Ultra Boost M4 from 0.2Ω range 40-60W:
With this resistance I used the wide Drip-Tip 510 supplied in the kit, the liquid chosen was the Tropical from Tob, 70/30 at 0mg / ml.

As happens with other latest generation meshes, even with this Ultra Boost M4 it is surprising to observe the ability to be able to work perfectly at much lower speeds than the minimum indicated on the resistance.

At 40W with wide open air-flow I distinctly perceive the intense and unmistakable tropical aroma of my liquid, its sweetness conquers me, the vapor density is remarkable, no splash on the tongue, the puff is really smooth and soft, even the noise of suction is muffled and not at all annoying, I must say that before varying the wattage and doing air regulation tests I spent a lot of time with this configuration.

I reached 60W without the coil showing signs of sagging, or the drip-tip getting too hot, with this configuration the consumption of liquid becomes important, you have to top up the tank often, after having made several adjustments and tests I found at 45W with the air ring completely open my ideal setting, sometimes to vary I go down to 35W (under the minimum speed of the M4 coil) and close the air-flow to 50%. These in the use of Hibryd are the settings that suit me and satisfy me.
The Gemini Hibryd lives up to its name and proves capable of passing well the exam of the two MTL / DTL tests.

Note: The new 0.2 & 1.0Ω Ultra Boost Coils have been renewed to be able to use the AFC control ring.
However, all Ultra Boost coils are compatible with the Gemini Hybrid.


The Ultra Boost RBA package contains:
– 1 Deck Rba
– 1 spare O’ring pouch
– 1 Allen key to tighten the coils
– 2 Spare grains to tighten the coils
– 2 pre-rolled coils
– Cotton wick
– 1 510 adapter

Note: The Ultra Boost RBA coil is available for purchase separately.


– Ultra Boost RBA:
It is made for a Flavor / Lung use and despite its small size it is not difficult to regenerate.
The perforated turrets are easy to insert with the coil legs, the supplied Allen key fits easily on the head of the turrets to screw / unscrew the special and tiny grains, even the back combing is relatively simple, the cotton whiskers must be folded into the special notches made on the deck, once the bell / chimney has been inserted, the excess cotton can be trimmed with the help of scissors.

Note the two large slots at the base of the RBA, the lack of a special AFC makes this RBA usable only in Flavor / DTL.

I find this RBA useful for those who want to have fun building flavor builds, experimenting their skills, but after a couple of not-so-optimal attempts and given the high performance and ease of use of the pre-made coils, I prefer the Mesh Coil Ultra Boost M4, I know, I’m lazy!


The 510 adapter accessory that allows the Gemini Hybrid to become a real 18650 Box Mod is simple and well made, the form factor faithfully follows that of the Tank / Pod, in fact it occupies the same housing and the insertion / disarming procedure is analogous.


Qualitatively, this 510 adapter has nothing to do with certain improvised accessories to transform the various classic pods into Mods.


Aesthetically it goes unnoticed being hidden by the battery compartment panel and to the eye the Gemini looks like a real Box Mod born like this.

The Gemini Hybrid in the Box Mod version houses atomizers up to 24mm without overflowing. The particular conformation of the upper surface beveled on the sides makes it particularly beautiful even with smaller diameter atomizers.


The circuit of the Gemini Hybrid 80W:
– To turn on / off the device, five clicks on the fire button are required in less than two seconds.
– Sleep mode is automatically activated after 10s of inactivity.
– The wattage with the mod unlocked is activated with the Up / Down keys with an increase and decrease of 0.5W at a time from 5 to 80W.
– To lock / unlock the wattages, press the Up / Down buttons simultaneously.
– To delete the puff number, press the Down / Fire buttons simultaneously.
– To change one of the six screen colors, press the Up / Fire buttons simultaneously.
– No Pass-Through the device warns on the screen that it is not allowed to vape while charging for safety reason.
– Low battery the device warns on the screen that the battery charge level is low.
– Check atomizer the device warns on the screen that it does not detect the atomizer.
– Short circuit the device warns on the screen that the resistive value is less than 0.1Ω.
– Too hot, when the device reaches a board temperature above 80 °, it blocks and restores below 60 °.
– Over 10s, the device locks for safety when 10s of continuous delivery are reached.



Gemini Hybrid Kit 80W HighLights:

2-in-1 hybrid device (pod mode and mod mode).
Aesthetically beautiful in both AIO & MOD configurations.
Compact size.
Construction materials.
Good finishes.
Simple design.
Precise battery cover.
Easy to navigate chipset.
Instant power delivery.
Good battery management.
18650 power supply.
0.96 inch color TFT screen with 6 colors.
Replaceable 510 DL / MTL Drip Tip.
4ml pod with convenient refill.
Double liquid control windows.
Adjustable air flow for the new 0.2 and 1.0Ω Ultra Boost Coils.
Compatible with all Ultra Boost Coil and RBA ranges.
Almost non-existent condensation even after intense use.

Volts not indicated on the screen.

Thanks to Lost Vape for making this kit available to me for the review: PRESALE-GEMINI HYBRID 80W POD MOD