Lost Vape Thelema Quest 200W Kit Review

Lost Vape Thelema Quest 200W Kit Review

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Lost Vape THELEMA QUEST 200W Kit
Hello today I would like to tell you about the new kit that Lost Vape sent me for review.
Enjoy the reading

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Lost Vape THELEMA QUEST 200W Kit; Packaging:
The cardboard box with white / black colors seems to recall a retro style and on the front of the outer sleeve they are present; the Lost Vape logo and trademark, an icon containing the caption “Quest 2.0” indicating the name of the chipset used on this version, finally there is also an indication on the maximum power of the mod (200W).

On the back are shown; the contents of the package, the warnings, the place of manufacture (China), a label containing a barcode, the color indication of this sample (Black Clear) and the authenticity check of the Lost Vape product.

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On the side profile of the box there are some icons containing the main features of the product and the Lost Vape motto “The Modern Demarcation”.

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Lost Vape THELEMA QUEST 200W Kit; Packing List:
• 1 Thelema Quest Box Mod
• 1 UB Pro Pod Tank
• 1 Coil UB Pro Ni80 P1 of 0.15Ω
• 1 Coil UB Pro SS904 P3 0.3Ω
• 4 O-rings
• 1 Type C cable
• 1 Certificate of guarantee
• 1 user manual

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Lost Vape THELEMA QUEST 200W Box Mod; Features:
• Chipset: Quest 2.0
• Body material: Zinc alloy and clear PC
• Dimensions: 92.5x56x27.6mm
• Weight: 150g
• Double batteries: 18650 Not included
• Output power range: 5-200 W
• Output voltage: 0.7-8.0V
• Input current: 1A-40A
• Resistance range: 0.1-5.0Ω
• Temperature range: 100-315 ° C, 200 ° -600 ° F
• Power supply modes: VW, TC, Volt Bypass
• Boost function: Soft, Normal, Strong
• Frame construction: Zinc alloy + PC
• Screen: 0.96 “80 * 160 TFT colors
• Mode button
• Battery door: Magnetic / replaceable
• Low battery protection
• Control protection of the atomizer
• Short circuit protection
• High temperature protection
• 10S timeout protection
• 510 threaded connection
• USB Type-C port

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod; Tank features:
• Base diameter 26mm
• Maximum diameter 28mm
• Height: 47.5mm
• 5ml pod capacity
• Side filling system with silicone cap
• Lost Vape UB Pro Coil Series
• 0.15Ω UB Pro P1 NI80 Mesh-Coil with 70-80W Range
• Mesh-Coil UB Pro P3 SS904L from 0.3Ω with Range 60-70W, for TC (SS904L) with Range 260-290 ° C and 500-550 ° F
• Pressure coil installation
• Double slot airflow control ring
• 510 threaded connection

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Lost Vape THELEMA QUEST 200W Kit; Available Color Series:
• Transparent Clear Series: Black, Gunmetal, SS.
• Carbon Fiber Series: Black, Gunmetal, SS, Matte Blue, Matte Red.
• Calf Leather Series: Black, Gunmetal, SS.

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Lost Vape THELEMA QUEST 200W Kit; First impressions:
Curiously, Lost Vape for this powerful dual-battery kit has chosen a name already used for its previous All-In-One product … Quite different in appearance and size.
Here you find my review: Lost Vape Thelema 80W

LostVape Thelema Quest 200W 7.jpg

Like all Lost Vape products, also in this case the impression is of great strength and structural solidity with a high degree of finishes, despite all this Thelema is a kit that basically belongs to a rather affordable price range.

The design of this 2-battery Mod is of a “classic” type like there are many others, however one gets the impression of handling a Hi-End device. The weight is quite low, only 150g empty. I was particularly pleased to find the UB Pro Pod tank that had fully satisfied me during the Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod test.

For this review I received the Black version with transparent battery cover which is part of the “Clear” line. This line is available in 3 different frame colors. Lost vape offers the Thelema Mod with 11 different total colors that are divided into 3 variants depending on the composition material of the Cover (Clear, Carbon Fiber, Calf leather).
So you just have to be spoiled for choice if you decide to buy this item’s.

LostVape Thelema Quest 200W 8.jpg

Lost Vape THELEMA DNA 250C Version:
The same Mod with the same size and the same form factor is also proposed by Lost Vape in an Extra-Luxury version with the adoption of the prestigious DNA 250C chipset inside.
For the Thelema with DNA 250C chipset and for your insights, I refer you to the official page: Thelema DNA250C MOD – Lost Vape

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Lost Vape THELEMA DNA 250C; Side view:
The element that characterizes the Clear line by Thelema is the cover with “C” design of the compartment / batteries. The transparency of the cover allows you to see inside the batteries (if they are installed), while without the batteries installed it is possible to view the entire electronic package. I already own some transparent mods so for me it is not an absolute novelty and perhaps I would have liked a “classic” version more considering that there are several Thelema setups with really nice combinations of materials and colors.

Around the transparent panel there are the uprights of the frame with engravings on the metal in full Lost Vape style, on the uprights of the frame it is possible to see on one side the writing “Lost Vape” and on the other side “Thelema Quest”. Both are laser printed and are white in color.

LostVape Thelema Quest 200W 10.jpg

Lost Vape THELEMA DNA 250C; Front / back view:
The front part of Thelema is connected at 45 ° without edges with the upper and lower part of the mod.
The 0.96 “80 * 160 pixel TFT color screen is a really nice interface, it has a lot of selectable colors, a lot of information and a good brightness.
On the display it is possible to view; the distinct percentage of residual charge of the two cells, the selected mode, the set power, the resistive value of the coil, the selected preset, the selectable supply level (soft, norm hard), the puff counter, the duration of the last puff and the “setting” selection.

The adjustment keys including that of Fire are in total 4, all slightly protruding and really solid and precise.
Through the combination of these keys it will be possible to change the operating mode or enter the setting and make the appropriate changes to customize and adjust to your liking the many available parameters of this very complete chipset which is a valid alternative to the prestigious DNA 250C.

The handle (grip) with its ergonomic rounded profile fits well in the palm of the hand.

LostVape Thelema Quest 200W 11.jpg

Lost Vape THELEMA DNA 250C; Top / bottom view:
The gold-plated floating pin 510 cup is laterally displaced and screwed to the mod via 3 torx screws. The thread is very smooth and I am absolutely delighted that the plate is raised slightly to prevent scratching the mod when screwing / unscrewing the tanks.
On the Thelema it is possible to install tanks with a maximum diameter of 27.6mm without protrusions.

On the bottom of the Mod there are two Torx screws and the identifying writings with logo and brand in white.

LostVape Thelema Quest 200W 12.jpg

Lost Vape THELEMA DNA 250C; Battery compartment:
By separating the Mod from the transparent cover it is possible to replace or insert the two cells, the upper pins as well as the lower ones are gold plated, the upper ones are spring loaded and guarantee a considerable excursion to facilitate the insertion of the cells. For the extraction of the two batteries there is a comfortable white lace.
On the Mod there are two powerful magnets that together with the opposing ones on the transparent cover guarantee the closure, the slight passage of air between these components performs the task of a possible safety vent for the cells.

LostVape Thelema Quest 200W 13.jpg

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank:
Preciously made, this tank can be dismantled into 4 pieces, the 810 type Drip-tip has two sealing rings, the PCTG cartridge contains up to 5.5ml of e-liquid and is made of dark-colored PCTG with the metal bottom which is threaded for an effective union with the deck.

LostVape Thelema Quest 200W 14.jpg

The classic circular tank design should not be misleading, this is not a classic magnetic connection system, the Lost Vape technicians have chosen a solid screw fixing between the Pod / PCTG parts and the steel AFC base. This could appear inconvenient when you have to change the coil compared to a magnetic system … However, the system designed by Lost Vape offers several advantages; such as the refill from the top, so you don’t need to detach the tank to fill it.
Another great plus is to be able to count on a better regulation of the air, in fact the screwing system compared to the magnetic one reduces drafts to a minimum and is much more precise. The coils are inserted under pressure from below.
The UB Pro Pod Tank AFC system is designed with a triple air intake to hit the coil with a wide and balanced flow.

LostVape Thelema Quest 200W 15.jpg

LostVape Thelema Quest 200W 16.jpg

UB Pro Coil Range:
There are currently two types of UB Pro Mesh-Coils available for the cartridge and they are:
• 0.15Ω UB Pro P1 NI80 Mesh-Coil with 70-90W Range
• Mesh-Coil UB P3 from 0.3Ω Range 60-70W usable with temperature control in a range of 260-290 ° C and 500-550 ° F.
• UB Pro RBA Deck Resistance Range: 0.15-3.0Ω sold separately.

LostVape Thelema Quest 200W 17.jpg

The RBA UB Pro Kit consists of:
– 1 Postless RBA Deck
– 1 Screwable Chimney
– 1 510 adapter
– 2 Cotton laces
– 2 Ø3mm 0.3Ω Complex Coils
– 2 replacement O’ring
– 4 tightening screws.

* Replacement UB PRO Coils and UB PRO RBA Kit can be purchased here:
UB PRO COILS | Lost Vape

LostVape Thelema Quest 200W 18.jpg

Operation Guide:
– Power on / off: Press the fire button 5 times in a row.
– Lock / Unlock: Press the (+) and (-) keys simultaneously
– After 20 seconds of inactivity the Stand-By mode comes into operation

• Simplified navigation:
With the mod Unlocked, press the (+) and (-) keys to scroll through the options, to select press the Mode key, to confirm the choice press the fire key.
With Power selected, press the Mode button to change mode, with the (+) and (-) buttons choose between (POWER, TC-SS904, TC-SS316, TC-TI, TC-NI, VPC, VOLTAGE, BYPASS ).

• Temperature control mode:
The temperature and wattage can be adjusted under SS904, SS316, TI.
The temperature value can be changed between 100 ° C and 315 ° C, 200 ° F and 600 ° F, the power can be set between 5.0-200 W.
* SS904 mode is specially designed for UB Pro P3 coil which is built with SS904 wire.

• VPC mode:
VPC mode is a custom curve output mode. The output power value can be changed every 0.5 seconds within 4 seconds from 5 to 200W.

• Boost function:
Thelema 200W supports Boost functionality in power mode to increase / decrease the pre-hit (Soft, Norm, Hard).

• Bypass:
It allows you to vape automatically, the power decreases as the battery drops, with the Bypass function activated it is not possible to use the “Boost” function.

• Puff time display and puff count reset:
1) The Puff Time is displayed for 2 seconds after activation (fire).
2) When the Puff count is highlighted press the Select button to reset it.

• Setting:
Setting is the last item on the Display and allows you to access various settings (Atomizer, Screen, Color, User, Reset, About, Back).
– Atomizer: Allows you to view the settings of the atomizer in the various modes, to measure the resistance (TC) and to make other changes.
– Screen: You can adjust screen brightness, press the (+) and (-) buttons.
– Color: You can select six different background colors (Light Blue, Yellow, White, Red, Green, Blue).
– User: In this screen you can change Mode, Resistance, Power, Voltage, Boost Level or Temperature and save 3 different Pre-Sets.
– Reset: To reset all settings to factory defaults select (YES) and confirm.
– About: Displays the Lost Vape logo and the installed software version.
– BacK: To return to the main interface.

• Charging:
The device has a built-in DC 5V type USB port, powered by a Type-C cable.
While charging the battery icon will start to animate, once the charge is complete it stops. (Battery Voltage 4.18V).

• Protections and warnings:
Battery Low
Check Atomizer
Short circuit
Too Hot: The device will turn off when the indoor temperature is above 85 ° C. Until the temperature returns to 65 ° C.
Cut Off: Over 10s, the output will be automatically cut off and the screen shows “Over 10s” when you vape over 10s continuously.

LostVape Thelema Quest 200W 19.jpg

Vaping test and final conclusions:

• Mesh-Coil UB Pro P1 NI80 from 0.15Ω Range 70-90W:
Given the great power that can be reached by this coil, the triple AFC is 100% exploitable. Starting from 70W (minimum range), the reactivity to the Fire is immediate, from 80 to 90W with AFC wide open you undoubtedly get a great yield and a lot of vapor emission, the power supply seems constant and the coil does not show to suffer from the highest powers . The Puff is always very quiet. By slightly choking the AFC, the aromatic yield increases hand in hand with the heat. To obtain the best aromatic performance with the new coil, you must first consume a couple of Tanks.

• Mesh-Coil UB Pro SS904 from 0.3Ω Range 60-70W:
This very interesting Mesh-Coil can be used indifferently in VW or in TC / SS904 with settings between 260-290 ° C and 500-550 ° F.
The first impressions beyond the modality used are those of a balanced Coil and as a flavor the sugary part of the liquid seems to be very accentuated.
The initial power delivery is certainly faster in VW mode, in TC you feel a greater linearity of the Puff, I am not a TC expert and I rarely use it, however I think it is a nice Vaping experience for newbies, moreover I assume that with the use of TC it is also possible to obtain a longer duration of the coil.

• RBA UB Pro Postless:
I was fine with the supplied Ø3mm coil which turns out to be 0.3Ω.
I started at 30W and since its liquid supply is very good, I ended up using it at 37W without any inconvenience.
The 5ml of liquid that contains the cartridge and the medium / low consumption of liquid allow long vaping sessions, some small difficulties with the small screws of deck can be encountered during the build of the coil, however it seems to me a good very balanced RBA for a good flavor, the solution of keeping a hole under the coil of only Ø2mm while maintaining a slightly contrasted puff seems to me to be guessed right.

Lost Vape THELEMA QUEST 200W Kit; PRO:
• Superior quality Lost Vape construction
• Wide choice with various combinations of materials and colors
• 5 Vaping modes: VPC, Bypass, Watt, Volt, TC (SS316 / Ti / Ni)
• 3 power steps (Soft, Norm Hard)
• 3 additional user memories
• Type-C charging
• Adjustable AFC in steel
• Convenient side trim at the top
• Coil UB Pro 0.3ohm for TC
• RBA UB Pro available for purchase separately
• Replaceable 810 Drip Tip
• Convenient price

Lost Vape THELEMA QUEST 200W Kit; Tips:
• The TCR function is missing

The new Quest 200W Chipset is reliable as well as full of functions and widely adjustable, it provides more stable performance than the average of Chinese circuits with a powerful output adjustable on 3 boost levels, also in the menu for TC you can immediately set the wattage you want, the temperature and power can be accurately set in SS / TI / NI modes, saved and overwritten in three different user presets. The management of the settings with the convenient “mode” button and the battery life with the new Quest 2.0 chipset are really good.
Lost Vape defines its chipset as a valid alternative to the DNA 250C, certainly you cannot blame it given the almost 100 euro difference in price between Thelema Quest and Thelema DNA, such as to justify the absence of the TCR.

The 26mm UB PRO tank best interprets the type of circular design tanks with replaceable 810 drip-tip, the performance of the AFC is optimal for the Flavor and the ease of use with the refill placed at the top makes this operation very convenient and fast.

I liked the Thelema Quest 200W Kit a lot and it can be defined as a high-end object but which is offered at a popular price that is particularly affordable for the excellent quality / price ratio.
Thanks for reading.

Thanks to Lost Vape for sending me the product for review.
Thelema Quest 200W Kit – Lost Vape

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