Lost Vape GRUS v2 + UB Pro Pod Tank

Lost Vape GRUS v2 + UB Pro Pod Tank

started by FrenkyouMar 1, 2021.

Lost Vape after the successful sales of the Mod Grus 100W first version, releases an update called GRUS v2, this evolution uses a Chipset 2.0 “Quest” much richer than the previous one and completely different in menu navigation and settings.

GRUS v2 can be powered by different types of cells (18650-20700-21700), in addition to the modes; POWER, TC-SS904, TC-SS316, TC-TI, TC-NI, VPC, Voltage, Bypass allows you to select three levels of Boost and three different user pre-sets.

Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 1.jpg

* The Grus mod v2 Kit will be sold with Tank UB PRO (5ml) or UB Tank (5.5ml), interesting the TC / SS904 option for the 0.3Ω UB PRO Coil.

Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 2.jpg

Enjoy the reading.

The elegant cardboard packaging is decorated in a premium style with a bow at the top and with a rosette at the bottom which in turn contains a number (4) to indicate how many coils are contained, there is also a “Best Wishes” and this could indicate that it is not the final packaging but perhaps a set up for reviewers.
On the front side the image of the Kit Grus v2 is placed centrally, there are also the Lost Vape logo and the color indication of this sample in the form of an icon.

On the back they find a place; Lost Vape LTD’s content, instructions for use, barcode, scratch & check, logos, trademarks and address.
On the remaining sides, in addition to the slogan “The Modern Demarcation”, there are all the social icons of reference where the company promotes its products.

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Packing List:
1 × Grus 100W Mod
1x UB Pro Pod Tank (5ml, 810 Drip Tip)
2x 0.15Ω UB Pro P1 Mesh Coil (70-90W)
2x 0.3Ω UB Pro P3 Mesh Coil (60-70W, TC 260-290 ° C, 500-550 ° F)
1 × Type-C USB Cable
1 x 18650 Battery Adapter
4 x O-Rings
1 × Warranty Card
1 × User Manual

Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 4.jpg

Features and Dimensions
• Material: Zinc alloy
• Dimensions: 142.1×40.5×30.5mm
• Weight: 215 G
• Screen: 0.96 “color TFT
• Battery: single 21700/20700/18650 battery (Not included)
• Battery voltage: 3.3V-4.2V
• Voltage Output: 0.8V-7V
• Power range: 5-100W
• Current range: 0.3A -30A
• Temperature range: 200 ° F-600 ° F / 100 ℃ -300 ℃
• Supported Coil Range: 0.1Ω-5.0Ω
• UB Pro Tank Capacity: 5ml (2ml for all TPD versions).

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Nine Colors Available:

Carbon Fiber Series:
Black / Carbon Fiber
Gunmetal / Carbon Fiber
SS / carbon fiber

Wood Series:
SS / Zebra Wood
Black / Walnut wood
Gunmetal / Walnut wood

Universal Series:
Black / Marine
Gunmetal / Disconcerting
SS / Jungle

Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 6.jpg

First impressions:
GRUS v2 differs from the previous model in two aspects, the first visible instantly and the other purely technical visible only to the user during use. The visible aspect is represented by the new 5.0ml circular UB PRO Tank or 5.5ml UB depending on the choice, the technical aspect is derived from the presence of a completely renewed chipset, particularly rich in functions, stable and performing.

It would be simple and reductive to describe the appearance of this Mod to a simple geometric figure, in reality the surfaces are an animated set of convexities, curves, bevels, grooves and flattened areas. There are no edges, the lines always connect with each other in a sweet and functional way to ergonomics and tactile pleasure.

Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 7.jpg

The frame is built entirely of zinc alloy, this is the stainless steel parts; the base 510, the support base of the Mod and the battery compartment cap. The plastic parts concern the front panel which contains the display and the control keys.

With so many metal parts the weight of the Grus v2 Kit rises up to 215g! However, you are well prepared to bear this weight, thanks to an ergonomic form factor guessed in the smallest details, moreover the slightly rounded surfaces of both narrow sides favor the grip on the mod.

Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 8.jpg

The 0.96 “TFT Display is an integral part of a screen that also houses the fire button, the Mode button and the Up / Down adjustment buttons. The Display has 6 background colors, the visibility of the fonts in some occasions is not exactly optimal , the display shows all the information useful for vaping except the Volt reading in the VW configuration.To read Voltage it is therefore necessary to switch to the VV mode.

Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 9.jpg

The side view of the Mod shows a different insert in the center depending on the color variant chosen, these samples are part of the categories called by Lost Vape “universal series” and “carbon fiber series”.
In the structure of the Grus it is easy to distinguish the areas of the steel frame from those in zinc alloy, the latter are painted the others are not. The writing “Grus” heads high on the side profile of the 510 cup, on the opposite side the writing is that of the Brand (Lost Vape).

Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 10.jpg

The steel cup is fixed to the Mod via two torx screws, the thread is a classic 510, the contact pin is floating, you can use atomizers with a diameter of up to 31mm without protrusions!

The particular shape of the support base gives great stability to the Grus, on this surface there are three vent holes for the cell, the C E mark, the disposal logo and the words “Designed and Manufactured by Lost Vape Ltd” are shown. Also on this surface we find four torx screws and the cap (with handle) to access the compartment / battery.

Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 11.jpg

The Grus Mod can use different types of cells (18650-20700-21700), The 18650 cell fits with an adapter present in the Kit.

Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 12.jpg

UB Pro Pod Tank and UB Pod Tank System:

The 5ml UB Pro Pod Tank Cartridge uses a replaceable 810 drip tip and is designed to accommodate the new UB Pro Coil series and the new RBA Pro.
The 5.5ml UB Tank Cartridge uses a replaceable 510 drip tip and is made to accommodate all UB coil series and RBA UB base.

Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 13.jpg

The classic circular tank design should not be misleading, this is not a classic magnetic connection system, the Lost Vape technicians have chosen a solid screw fixing between the Pod / PCTG parts and the AFC steel base. This could appear inconvenient when you have to change the coil compared to a magnetic system … However, the system designed by Lost Vape offers several advantages; such as the refill from the top, so you don’t need to detach the tank to fill it, another great plus is to be able to count on better air regulation, in fact the screwing system compared to the magnetic one reduces drafts to a minimum, much more accurate.
The AFC systems of UB Pod Tank and UB Pro Pod Tank are designed with triple air intake to hit the coils with a balanced flow.

* If you have chosen the Grus v2 version equipped with UB PRO Pod Tank you can buy the UB Pod tank version separately.

Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 14.jpg     Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 15.jpg

UB Pro Coil Range:
At the moment there are two types of UB Pro sub-ohm coils for the 5ml UB Pro cartridge and they are:

– Mesh-Coil UB Pro P1 NI80 from 0.15Ω with Range 70-90W
– Mesh-Coil UB P3 from 0.3Ω Range 60-70W usable with temperature control in a range of 260-290 ° C and 500-550 ° F.
– UB Pro RBA Deck Resistance, Range: 0.15-3.0Ω (sold separately).

UB Coil Range:
The UB coil series available for the 5.5ml UB cartridge is very complete:

– UB M4 Mesh-Coil 0.2Ω
Coil resistance: 0.2Ω mesh coil
Rate 40-60W
Suitable for DL

– UB M3 Mesh-Coil 0.15Ω
Coil resistance: 0.15Ω mesh coil
Rate 40-70W
Suitable for DL

– UB M1 Mesh-Coil 0.3Ω
Coil resistance: 0.3Ω mesh coil
Rate: 30-40W
Suitable for DL

– UB M2 Mesh-Coil 0.6Ω
Coil resistance: 0.6Ω Mesh Coil
Rate: 20-28W
Suitable for DL

– UB MTL Coil 1.0Ω
Coil resistance: 1.0Ω Regular Coil
Rate: 8-15W
Suitable for MTL

– UB RBA Deck
Resistance Range: 0.15-3.0Ω
Sold separately.

Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 16.jpg

Kindly Lost vape sent me both RBA kits for my test and I thank them.

UB Pro RBA Kit:
– 1 Postless RBA Deck
– 1 Screwable Chimney
– 1 510 adapter
– 2 Cotton laces
– 2 Ø3mm 0.3Ω Complex Coils
– 2 replacement O’ring
– 4 tightening screws.

– 1 RBA Velocity Deck
– 1 Screwable Chimney
– 1 510 adapter
– 1 Cotton sachet
– 2 Coil Ka1 of 0.6Ω
– 4 replacement O’ring
– 4 tightening screws.
– 1 Allen key

Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 17.jpg

RBA UB Pro and RBA UB build:

The postless deck for the RBA UB Pro is larger in size than the velocity deck of the RBA UB Pro which is quite small, however neither is difficult to regenerate, the only difficulty is getting the right amount of cotton in the velocity style tank which must be precise to avoid dry puffs.

Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 18.jpg

Grus v2 Mod basic operations:
– Power on / off: Press the fire button 5 times in a row.
– Lock / Unlock: Press the (+) and (-) keys at the same time

Simplified menu:
Grus v2 Mod is very simple and intuitive, after unlocking the keys just move on the Display with “+ and -” and select the parameter you want to modify with the Selection key, to confirm the modification press the Selection key again.

With Power selected, press the Select button to change mode, with the (+) and (-) buttons choose between (POWER, TC-SS904, TC-SS316, TC-TI, TC-NI, VPC, VOLTAGE, BYPASS ).

Temperature control mode:
The temperature and wattage can be adjusted under SS904, SS316, TI.
The temperature value can be changed between 100 ° C and 315 ° C, 200 ° F and 600 ° F, the power can be set between 5.0-100 W.
* SS904 mode is specially designed for UB Pro P3 coil which is built with SS904 wire.

VPC mode:
VPC mode is a custom curve output mode. The output power value can be changed every 0.5 seconds within 4 seconds from 5 to 100W.

User Settings:
To override the current user setting, press the Select button once, then press and hold the Select button for two seconds to confirm.

Boost function:
Grus v2 Mod supports Boost functionality in power mode to increase / decrease the pre-hit (Soft, Norm, Hard).

It allows you to vape automatically, the power decreases as the battery drops, with the Bypass function activated it is not possible to use the “Boost” function.

Puff time display and puff count reset:
1) The Puff Time is displayed for 2 seconds after activation (fire).
2) When the Puff count is highlighted press the Select button to reset it.

Setting is the last item on the Display and allows you to access various settings (Atomizer, Screen, Color, User, Reset, About, Back).
– Atomizer: Allows you to view the settings of the atomizer in the various modes, to measure the resistance (TC) and to make other changes.
– Screen: You can adjust screen brightness, press the (+) and (-) buttons.
– Color: You can select six different background colors (Light Blue, Yellow, White, Red, Green, Blue).
– User: In this screen you can change Mode, Resistance, Power, Voltage, Boost Level or Temperature and save 3 different Pre-Sets.
– Reset: To reset all settings to factory defaults select (YES) and confirm.
– About: Displays the Lost Vape logo and the installed software version.
– BacK: To return to the main interface.

The device has a built-in DC 5V type USB port, powered by a Type-C cable.
While charging the battery icon will start to animate, once the charge is complete it stops. (Battery Voltage 4.18V).

Protections and warnings:
Battery Low
Check Atomizer
Short circuit
Too Hot: The device will turn off when the indoor temperature is above 85 ° C. Until the temperature returns to 65 ° C.
Cut Off: Over 10s, the output will be automatically cut off and the screen shows “Over 10s” when you vape over 10s continuously

Lost Vape Grus v2 Mod+UB Pro Tank 19.jpg

Final Conclusions:

Grus v2 kit I call it a high-end mod at a popular price, built in resistant zinc alloy it is aesthetically pleasing but rather heavy. The Mod allows the use of 21700/20700/18650 cells and Type C charging.

The new Quest 2.0 Chipset provides more stable performance with a powerful delivery and adjustable to 3 boost levels, also in the menu for TC you can immediately set the wattage you want, the temperature and power can be fine-tuned in SS / TI / NI modes , saved and overwritten in three different user presets.
Performance, and battery life with the new Quest 2.0 chipset are significantly improved.

Grus v2 Kit with the new 26mm UB and UB PRO tanks has best interpreted the technology of circular design tanks by optimizing AFC performance and ease of use (refil).
UB and UB PRO Tank enjoy a complete series of coils and accessories, but one of the best aspects of the Mod Grus is the fact that they can use large after market atomizers, up to 31mm without overflowing.

Here are my impressions with the two tanks, the main coils and the two RBA modules:

– UB Pro Tank 5ml
Mesh-Coil UB Pro P1 NI80 from 0.15Ω Range 70-90W:
This new generation Coil must be combined with the 5ml UB Pro cartridge.
Given the great power that can be reached, the triple AFC is 100% exploitable. Starting from 70W (minimum range), the reactivity to the Fire is immediate, from 80 to 90W with AFC wide open you undoubtedly get a great yield and a lot of vapor emission, the power supply seems constant and the coil does not show to suffer the highest powers .
The Puff is always very quiet, by slightly choking the AFC, the aromatic yield increases hand in hand with the heat. To obtain the best aromatic performance with the new coil, you must first consume a couple of Tanks.

– UB Pro Tank 5ml
0.3Ω Mesh-Coil UB Pro SS904 Range 60-70W:

This very interesting Mesh-Coil can be used indifferently in VW or in TC / SS904 with settings between 260-290 ° C and 500-550 ° F.
The first impressions beyond the modality used are those of a balanced Coil, with a dry Puff, the flavor seems to me to be very accentuated the sugary part of the liquid.
The initial power delivery is certainly faster in VW mode, in TC you feel a greater linearity of the Puff, I am not a TC expert, I rarely use it, however I think it is a good experience, I was missing it.
I assume that a longer coil life can also be achieved with the TC.

– UB Pro Tank 5ml
RBA UB Pro Postless Style:

I was fine with the supplied Ø3mm coil which turns out to be 0.3Ω.
I started at 30W and since its liquid supply is very good, I ended up using it at 37W without any inconvenience.
The 5ml of liquid that contains the UB Pro cartridge and the medium / low consumption of liquid allow long vaping sessions, some small difficulties with small screws can be encountered during the build of the coil, however it seems to me a very good RBA balanced for a good flavor, the solution of having a Ø2mm under-coil hole seems to me to be guessed right.

– UB Tank 5.5ml
0.2Ω Ultra Boost Mesh-Coil M4 with 40-60W Range:

The coil, as expected, has the same good yield as the other Sub-Ohms of the PRO series, I use it with open air-flow at 45 / 50W, by restricting the AFC aperture you get big improvements in the quality of the aroma.
The body of the steam is remarkable, the puff is soft and silent, you can reach 60W (maximum limit of the coil) without showing any signs of failure.

– UB Tank 5.5ml
Ultra Boost MTL regular Coil 1.0Ω with 8-15W range:

This resistance (not mesh) has two air-flow holes so small that they hardly need to be choked to get a good MTL puff.
I found the best compromise at 13.5W, the vapor is dry, warm enough, with Hit quite similar to traditional cigarettes, the consumption of liquid is very limited, the 5.5ml capacity of the Ultra Boost Tank really last a long time.
By completely closing the AFC ring but also by adopting a more restrictive Drip-Tip 510, the 1.0Ω Ultra Boost MTL coil by lost Vape is really optimal for an MTL vape and satisfies a lot the blow in the throat even with low concentrations of nicotine, I don’t I would never have expected such a good result from a Tank devoted to lung vaping, thanks to the AFC regulation (completely closed) which is very precise and does not let air drafts through.

– UB Tank 5.5ml
RBA Ultra Boost Velocity Style:

This is certainly a useful accessory for those who want to have fun building MTL / RDL Coils, however it is not so easy to achieve the performance of the excellent Ultra-Boost Coils.
With this little RBA you can try your skills, even newbies can learn since it is not difficult to builds.
If you prefer the open Puff I recommend the purchase of the other Deck RBA UB Pro Postless Style combined with the Tank UB PRO.

Lost Vape Grus v2 Quest Kit 100W Highlights:
– 5 Vape Modes:
• VPC mode (variable power curve)
• Bypass mode
• Wattage mode
• Voltage mode
• Temperature control mode (SS316 / Ti / Ni)
– Three power steps (Soft, Norm Hard)
– Three additional user memories
– Type-C charging
– Superior quality Lost Vape construction
– Adjustable AFC in steel
– Convenient side refill at the top
– Coil UB Pro 0.3ohm for TC
– Tank UB Pro and Tank UB both sold separately
– RBA UB Pro or RBA Ultra boost both sold separately
– Wide choice of Coils for both systems
– Drip Tip 510 and 810 both replaceable

Thank you for reading.

Thanks to Lost Vape for submitting this product for the review:
Grus 100W Kit – Lost Vape

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