Lost Vape Q Pro Pod Kit Review – On A Quest For the Perfect Pod Mod!

Lost Vape Q Pro Pod Kit Review – On A Quest For the Perfect Pod Mod!

Sexy New Stabwood Panels and Five Power Levels Is This the Pod Mod To Rule Them All?

The Lost Vape Q Pro is the latest in the extremely popular Orion pod mod series.

The Orion range of vape kits have certainly set the standard for today’s pod kit market with many companies adopting the overall design.

You might say some have succeeded – whilst others have failed.

Having not tried any of the others…I couldn’t possibly comment.

However, imitation, they say, is the sincerest form flattery ?

Lost Vape are what you might call semi-high end, as in their devices are just about affordable.

Here at EcigClick we’ve had the privilege of reviewing very many of the company’s products, with standouts being: my personal favourite the Lost Vape Triade DNA 250c – the Paranormal DNA250C – and the recently released Lyra pod kit.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to review all of the Orion series including the Orion DNA Plus and the previous version of this one – the Orion Q .

Great company and generally great products – so I’m expecting big things from the Q Pro.

What Can We Expect From the Lost Vape Q Pro?

As I always say and particularly when I’m looking at pod kits/mods – I’m hoping above all else for great flavour.

Add to that a good build and design and if the Lost vape Q Pro ticks those boxes I’ll be happy.

As this an upgrade to the original I’m also hoping the new 5 power levels will allow me to really tailor my vape and the inclusion of the 0.25ohm mesh coil is very interesting.

The school of thought is that mesh really bumps the flavour – mostly – and we shall see if this is the case with the Q Pro.

Q BTW stands for Quest – so let’s see if our quest for the perfect vape is over.

For the record this was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review direct from Lost Vape – thank you – and as always freebies do not sway my thoughts and opinions.

Inside the Box

Smart and functional packaging and inside you’ll find:

  • Lost Vape Q-Pro 950mAh Device
  • Lost Vape Q-Pro 2ml Replacement Pod
  • Lost Vape Q-Pro 1.0 Ohm Coil (Pre-Installed)
  • Lost Vape Q-Pro 0.5 Ohm Coil
  • Lanyard
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

Lost Vape Q Pro Specs and Features

  • 950mAh internal battery
  • x5 power levels
  • 5 to 24w output
  • Top fill
  • Adjustable airflow
  • MTL and DTL coils
  • Size: 93 x 37 x 13.5
  • 2ml capacity
  • x3 compatible coils
  • Compatible with other Orion series coils
  • Wide range of colour/finish options

Lost Vape Q Pro Quick Start Guide

  • Unscrew pod top cap for filling
  • Prime coil for at least 5 minutes
  • Press fire button x5 to lock/unlock
  • Twist ring on drip tip to alter airflow
  • Battery indicator: Red= 0-8% Blue= 8-50% and Green= 50-100%
  • Use select button to choose power level

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Key Features

Apart from the option of three stunning new stabwood panel versions, and a total choice of 13 snazzy colour combos, not a lot has changed on the outside.

It is of course the inside – or should that be the chip – that’s had a major makeover.

The previous Orion Quest maxed out at 17w – the new Lost Vape Orion Q Pro has been bumped up to 24w and now has x5 power levels.

This means the 0.25ohm mesh coil with the airflow open should technically give us a decent Direct To Lung [DTL] vape – we shall of course see if that’s the case.

These power levels are dependent on the coil you’re using and to scroll through the options you press the select button [by the USB port] and release when you’re happy.

As the Lost Vape Orion Q Pro does not have the DNA GO chip inside – this is the only way to tailor your perfect vape.

There are far too many options for each coil to list here – see the image below.

However what I will say is, the light will show you what level you’re at in increments.

White is the lowest going through: Blue – Red – Yellow and with Purple the max.

As for other key features – they’re all pretty similar to those that have come before!

Easy top-fill – easyish coil replacement [see later] and adjustable airflow.

Lost Vape Q Pro Coil Compatibility

These are the coils the new version is compatible with:

  • Q-PRO 1.0ohm regular coil
  • ORION PLUS 0.25ohm mesh coil and 0.5ohm regular coil
  • ORION Q 1.0ohm pod cartridge
  • ORION DNA Go 0.25ohm and o.5ohm pod cartridge

See the image above for what coils the Lost Vape Orion Q Pro is and isn’t compatible with!

Design and Build Quality

I’ve been fortunate enough to review and actually buy a number of Lost Vape products and always seem to say the same thing…

The build is always excellent – near perfect in many cases.

The Lost Vape Orion Q Pro pod kit is no different – well maybe.

I’ve always had an issue replacing the coils – they can be a sod to get out.

Until that is, I saw a ‘tip’ where partially unscrewing the drip tip and using that to press down on the coil makes life a lot easier!


Airflow Adjustment!

I also have difficulty with adjusting the airflow on all of the Orion’s I’ve used.

Some can freewheel, whilst others feel as though they need a bit of WD40 – not recommended – don’t try that at home kids!

Even juiced up it’s hit and miss if your pod is a bit on the stiff or loose side.

In this case one of the pods was perfect, whilst the other took a bit of breaking in, and even then was extremely stiff to move on the fly.

I guess it’s the luck of the draw.

Otherwise it looks as good as ever and the stainless steel greenish blue stabwood version I received looks as sexy as hell.

There’s quite a few logos and the Lost Vape name dotted about – but they look very classy and not at all in your face.

How Does the Lost Vape Q Pro Perform?

Lost Vape kindly sent me all three coils and I have been putting them through their paces for almost 2 weeks.

That extra power and the inclusion of the 0.25ohm coil suggests we should be able to get a decent DTL vape out of the Lost Vape Orion Q Pro – I’ll look at that in a mo’.

OK, let’s start with the highest resistance coil that comes already installed.

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Lost Vape Q Pro 1.0ohm Regular Coil

Lost Vape recommends this one between 8w to a max of 16w – as we’ve seen that means white light for low and purple for full power.

The lowest setting gave me a bit of a limp vape, however it was surprisingly tasty if a little cool – as you might expect – with hardly any vapour.

I actually found the high power setting of 16w a little too much on this coil – which surprised me somewhat – it’s hardly what you’d call high wattage!

I’m struggling to say why as it wicked well – gave good flavour and of course meant a very extended battery life.

We’re all different and I was much happier at 14w!

With the airflow shut right down this was the perfect MTL vape and I was getting great flavour from my chosen Nic Salts from Pachamama – very tasty!

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Lost Vape Q Pro 0.5ohm Regular Coil

Best between 12 and 20w.

This is a kind of mid-range coil, neither MTL nor DTL but something er in the middle!

And to be honest, that’s the vape I’m getting from it, and still can’t make up my mind which way to use it!

Trust me that’s a good thing as it means you really can switch your vape style on the fly!

Shut down the airflow and vape midway at 16w, and you get an extremely flavoursome MTL vape.

Open her up and bump the power to max and yup – you get a VERY passable lung hit [DTL] without too much restriction.

There’s no dip in flavour either and the clouds whilst not mega – were more than passable.

I found a happy medium on this one with the airflow half open at 18w.

Lost Vape Q Pro 0.25 Mesh Coil

So is this is the coil I was looking for on my quest for the perfect vape?

In a word, ab-so-lutely!

Oh boy is this one an absolute flavour machine and then some!

I thought I’d been spoiled by the previous 2 coils – but this one is in a class of its own.

Enough gushing…

At its lowest setting of 15w with the airflow fully open the flavour was excellent, again a little on the cool side.

It gets better the higher you push it and at its max of 24w it is nothing short of a wondrous vape – especially with the airflow ever so slightly closed.

Good vapour for one so small but that flavour – WOW is the word.

One of the best vapes I’ve had in a long time.

Unfortunately this coil isn’t in the box – which is a shame or probably clever marketing ?

I seriously suggest if you’re going to be buying the Lost Vape Orion Q Pro – you add a couple of boxes of these coils – you will not regret it!

A Quick Note On Wicking

I’ve had no issues whatsoever with wicking on any of the Orion kits and this one’s no different.

Come to that – no leaking or even the threat of a leak.

As you saw I have run nic salts through the 0.1 and 0.5ohm coil.

For the 0.25 ohm mesh coil I ran 12 Monkeys Origins: Papio – a 70/30 PG/VG mix with no issues at all.

These pods/coils wick well – even chain vaping.

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  • Stunning design
  • Superb build and materials
  • Compatible with most Orion coils
  • x5 power levels
  • Top airflow
  • Easy top fill
  • That 0.25ohm coil!
  • Should be competitively priced


  • Coils can be a pain to remove / replace
  • Airflow can be hit and miss on some pods
  • No 0.25 ohm mesh coil in the box!

Final Review Verdict

I’m smitten!

Actually I’ve been smitten with the Orion range full stop.

I love the look – the feel – the ease of use and trust me adding the x5 power levels to the Quest Pro has made the almost perfect vape device.

It’s almost a sacrilege to call the Lost Vape Orion Q Pro a pod kit or even a pod mod!

Lost Vape set the standard for this design and many others have tried to follow – none of which I’ve tried I hasten to add.

However and even with just a little bit of tinkering under the deck and the inclusion of those sexy stabwood panels, they’ve created the almost perfect vape kit.

The flavour from all the coils is very very good indeed.

However that 0.25ohm mesh coil lifts this to a whole new level – outstanding even.

So…is my quest for the perfect stealthy sexy and stylish vape device over?

For now it most definitely is.

Highly recommended and then some – but don’t forget those coils when you buy it!

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