Best Guide for the Lost Vape Orion DNA GO AIO

Lost Vape is a reliable brand that has been releasing different vapes since 2014 that customers have loved. Recently with the wide popularization of pod systems, the Lost Vape Orion was released during 2018, with features, making it a unique and revolutionary vape within the Pod system family, which has innovative features unlike other pod systems.
The Lost Vape Orion is of superior construction, with stainless steel and different finishes with unique patterns. This particular vape charges through micro USB and the port is hidden, as well there is a locking function on the lever which releases the pods and a round button for firing the device which is unique. The design on this vape is both innovative, unique and incredibly ergonomic. Above the micro USB port there is also an LED indicator with 5 different light colours to indicate battery level.Unlike other pod systems, the Orion is capable of firing at up to 40w, which is unheard of, and it has 3-step wattage control with a sophisticated evolve DNA Go chipset. This vape device also has built in protection features, and the hidden micro USB allows for updates and software which allows you to tailor your software to your needs. The Orion is also powered with a 950mAh battery which is very powerful for a pod system, and provides up to 450 puffs per individual charge.


The attention to detail on quality with this vape device continues when it comes to the replaceable pods for this device, which are made of polycarbonate, stainless steel and a gold-plated connection. Comparatively to most 1 or 0.5ml capacities, this pod has an impressive 2ml pod. The Orion also uses a Delrin drip tip which also allows for adjustable airflow, which can’t be found with many pod systems.

If these pod replacements weren’t impressive enough with the high-quality construction and unique features, there are also two coil options for the cartridges, both 0.5ohm and 0.25ohm pods with the 0.25ohm being focused on increased vapour production and the 0.5ohm being focused on flavour emphasis.

Customization of Your Lost Vape Orion

As previously mentioned, the software on the Lost Vape Orion also allows for personal customization for the vape, which can be accessed through the Escribe program which is powered through “Evolv” and edited on your computer.

One of the features within customization is the “reply mode”. This is a feature that allows you to replicate a puff that you found particularly satisfying. When you take a puff and it was exactly what you were hoping for, and more, you hold down the adjustment button for 3 seconds, and when the indicator is green it will continue to replay that puff until you turn it off (by holding down the adjustment button for 3 seconds again).

You can also set the settings to deliver a MTL and DTL puff with the unique “Lost Vape Orion Go Light Settings”. All the customization options can be found within the Escribe program. With the boost mode you can also increase the power output at the beginning of the puff to produce more vapour, quicker.

The LED multicolour lights are also programmable, and you can modify them within the escribe program to be different colours from the programmed ones, to whatever colours you prefer. The battery level can be checked through pressing the fire button twice.

Lost Vape Orion Basic Operation

The Lost Vape Orion has a round fire button on the side which can also be used to indicate the battery level but clicking it twice. The adjustment button changes the power settings from low, medium and high, and if you hold it for three seconds it will activate the replay mode. You can also use the fire button to lock or unlock the device by clicking it 5 times.

Using the Escribe program, you can choose whether you want DTL or MTL and you can also customize the wattage profiles there as well. The Escribe program also allows for further customization including changing the LED colour indicators for battery level and power setting.

To access the micro USB port to either charge or update the software on your device, locate the charging port at the bottom of the device and pull the cap off.

Pod Operation:

The pod resistance is indicated on each pod, and you can tell whether it is the SS 0.25ohm or the SS 0.5ohm pod. To insert the pod, line up the contacts on the pod with the contacts on the device and then you press down and it will snap into place. If you are removing the pod, you pull down the locking lever on the side of the device (above the fire button) and it will automatically release and you can pull the pod up to remove it. To refill the pod, remove the pod first, unscrew the refill cap on it, then pour the e-juice into the pod, make sure you let the pod sit for about 5 minutes, if it is a new pod so the cotton can prime, to prevent burning.


Within the Lost Vape Orion starter kit, you will receive

– 1 Lost Vape Orion DNA GO

– 2 Lost Vape Orion 0.25ohm (vapour focused) cartridges

– 1 Lost Vape Orion 0.5ohm (flavour focused) cartridge

– 1 USB charging cable

– 1 User Guide

– 1 Orion Lanyard

You can expect to pay more, but if you are looking for beauty, style and functionality in a pod system then Lost Vape Orion DNA GO AIO should be at the top of your list for the perfect vape starter kit.

2 replies
  1. Jacob Rogers says:

    Love the system. It’s an amazing pod based system that can be fine tuned and the replay is just amazing. A rba pod would be nice and not too hard to do just change the pins on the contacts in the pod. You could only do specific coil ranges however it would be nice. The V2 of the pods work so much better.

  2. Elisha b says:

    My only complaint is that the scallop panels are far too slippery and crack very easily T_T
    Otherwise, perfect. Sadly I can’t find any way to fix mine…. Sigh


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